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The Tragic Story- And Aftermath- of Jiah Khan’s Suicide

Bollywood has been struck with a tragic blow this past week with the suicide of talented actress Jiah Khan. The actress was found hanging from the ceiling in her home by her mother last Monday night. She was 25 years old. Read More »

Why We Love Mindy


We sure hope it lasts forever! Read More »

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Desi Edition


Growing up in the Sakhuja household, watching TV with my parents and sister has been a very special pass-time. Read More »

Brownies – The Weirdest Entry Ever Made


It’s official. It can’t be denied that Indians are all over the entertainment industry nowadays with movies like Life of Pi, music and reality series Read More »

Raj Kapoor and Old Bollywood


by Sneha Goud – Managing Editor I’m a newbie when it comes to Bollywood. I didn’t spend my childhood memorizing the words to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. But as I tell my friends, I’m trying ... Read More »

Malayalam Cinema


Last month, I finally watched City of God. No, not the Brazilian movie of the same name, but a 2011 release. Skimming over the Wikipedia page, I learned that despite the raving critical reviews, it failed commercially. Personally, I can only assume it failed because of the realism emphasis and the experimental plot development. Tangentially, there is not culture of independent “art house” cinemas to act as a space for “different” movies. Read More »

Mindy Kaling said my outfit was cool (And a story about getting her autograph)

mindy kaling2

It was early December. A Monday and I was frantically working on a presentation for the following day. I was defending my thesis (no big deal). And then I received a text message from my friend, “Mindy is going to be at Brattle Street Theater, FYI”. Read More »

Best Hindi Movies So Far (2011)


Let’s face it, Indian movies are... not all gems. The songs, the lame dances, the cheese, OH the cheese! Read More »

Irrfan Khan, In Treatment


I've recently become a fan of the HBO show, In Treatment. My cable company offered me a trial of HBO and the show hooked me from the first episode. Read More »

The Faces of Indian Women


By default, most Indians around the world associate Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as the brand ambassador to Bollywood. And thus, she becomes the face for Indian women all over. Read More »

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