#TherapyTalk: How to Talk About Feelings When You’ve Been Told Not To

Growing up in my Punjabi household, my grandparents made sure that children didn’t speak unless when spoken to. If I was acting happy, I would be told to shut up. If I was crying, I would be told to go to my room.

It’s No Secret: Social Anxiety in South Asian University Communities is Real

When you have social anxiety, it’s very hard to make friends, let alone long-term friends.

‘How Big Boys Don’t Cry’: A Poem

Sometimes I look up when the sun meets the earth and dies,
I whim about a day free from memories that dwell :
(Boys, big boys, never do cry)
Over the broken story that is my life.

Why “Saathiya”—India’s New Health Education Initiative—Is Revolutionary

by Harshita Ganesh – Follow @harshikapoor17 The topics of homosexuality, contraception, consent,…