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Red Damask- Be Stunning

dz17 front

Our most recent Brown Girl sponsor is a published author, grant writer and the CEO of her newest trademark clothing brand 'Red Damask'. Read More »

Stripe (stripe) City

Colorblock stripe boatneck tee

I'm pretty sure that I've already done a post on stripes and if I really cared, I'd probably gone back through my one hundred posts (yay!) to figure it out. But let's face it, I'm lazy and stripes deserve more than one post, damn it. Read More »

Top Five 2012 Oscar Gowns

Angelina Jolie

Some of my favorites from this past Sunday! Read More »

Affordable Designer Wear at Target: Jason Wu Will Have You Woo-ed


This past Sunday, February 5th, while many of you gathered to watch the Superbowl, fashionistas and the fashion media from around the nation were anticipating the launch of Jason Wu's limited collection at Target. Read More »

The Art of Buying Ridiculous Things


I don't know what's gotten into me the past few months but I've literally purchased things I probably won't be wearing in oh, I don't know - a month. For example, this ring: Read More »

The Art of Power Dressing


I can see how the phrase “power dressing” can sometime be misleading. When people think of “power dressing,” the first two things that come into their minds are shoulder pads and court shoes! Even though shoulder pads and court shoes have seen their days, ladies! Read More »

How to Build an Adult Wardrobe

Sequin Tunic

When it comes to my wardrobe, I have come a long way. After I turned 25, I knew I had to do something about my closet full of trendy items. So I dedicated one of my Saturdays about few years ago to edit my closet. Read More »

Pretty sure they’ll revoke my Indian Card…


Chanel's Pre-Fall 2012 show was inspired/influenced by India. Ya, I know. There's the show and the pre-show and the post-show and the show show - ugh. Fashion is needlessly complicated to say the least. Read More »

The Problem With Sweaters


It's Winter and let's say hello to sweaters. Sweater sweaters sweaters. From cardigans to cropped, cable-knit to boy's styles, I actually totally hate them. Read More »

The Old Designer Collabo Trick


The first being the ever burgeoning world of designer collaborations. I don't know if you know (and honestly, how could you if I was gone?), but there have been a huge amount of designers designing for "lower end" stores. Read More »

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