Giveaway: Brown Man Clothing

Brown Girl Magazine is partnering with Brown Man Clothing to bring you this giveaway! This is your chance to win a funky desi t-shirt that represents your brown side! The winner will also win a $10 gift card.

Who is the Girl?

Help BG and BG fan @ttlovesactually find out who this Brown Girl model is!
She was seen at the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2014 show. Is she South Asian? Does she do other shows?

The Silk Thread Brides

We are so excited to hear such wonderful words from one of our customers! Sunny Patel, a doctoral student, came to us with a vision for her reception outfit. I got the chance to speak with her and ask her about her entire wedding experience.

From College Girl to Career Woman

Congrats on your new job! Are you nervous about the transition from college girl to career woman? Here are some tips that may help you.

Fierce and Bold: The hottest saris in Bollywood

I have always been a huge fan of saris. It is THE essential piece for a traditional Indian woman. History states that saris were worn to represent the marital status of a woman.

Bangladesh’s Faulty Fashion Industry

Fashion is by definition transient and changing, based on trends and movements, time periods and technology.

India Fashion Week 2013 Review

My biggest complaint about the internet (gross exaggeration, but go with it) is that despite all of the streaming

Wedding Season: Wedding Wear

Now that I’ve covered your bridal attire (you lucky/unlucky girls…however you want to look at it), let’s get down to the rest of us.

Learning From Sonam Kapoor’s Iconic Style

As a newcomer in the film industry although thanks to her lineage (her father is the legendary actor Anil Kapoor) she is not new to the world of Indian cinema.

Falling Into Spring: Spring 2013 Fashion Picks

SPRING FEVER! It is probably my favorite time of the year. The perfect weather, bright colors