6 Books Muslim Women Should Add To Their Reading List Post-Ramadan

Just like that, Ramadan is gone. You may feel like you are quickly losing that spiritual clarity you had reached during the final 10 days. It happens to the best of us. Which is why I have tried my best to put together a very short reading list of books, specifically for Muslim women. These books will help you to continue to reconnect with your faith and challenge your spiritual intelligence so you can keep growing.

Book Review: Simran Sethi’s ‘Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods we Love’

In the book “Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love,” author Simran Sethi implores her readers to understand the locales that these beloved commodities come from.

Jennie Gungiah’s Memoir ‘The Immigrant: A Journey of Good Hope’ is a Must Read

Looking for a quick read, that’s both inspiring and heartwarming? Look no further, Jennie Gungiah’s memoir, “The Immigrant: A Journey of Good Hope,” is just for you.

‘Without Shame’ Is a Must Read Book About East Pakistan Era-Bangladesh

A harrowing tale of love, family honor, and tradition, “Without Shame” by Katherine Russell will leave you at the edge of your seat, wanting more and more with the turn of each page. It’s rare to find a book about East Pakistan era-Bangladesh that truly moved me both historically and culturally, Russell managed that for me.

Mindy Kaling’s Witty, Candid Humor Shines in “Why Not Me?”

Mindy Kaling’s sharp and witty humor, coupled with her untarnished honesty, lends a voice to each essay in “Why Not Me?” that keeps the reader hooked throughout.

Hend Hegazi’s ‘Normal Calm’ Discusses Life After Rape In The Lifelong Quest To Find Everlasting Love

Amina, the protagonist is an Egyptian-American girl. She has the normal dreams and aspirations like all young women. Her parents are conservative, but not stiflingly so. She goes away to college, and that’s where the novel really begins.

Aziz Ansari’s New Book ‘Modern Romance’ Gives us the Facts on Dating in the Digital Age

Comedian, actor and awesome brown boy Aziz Ansari hits upon the transformation of dating in his new book, “Modern Romance,” in which he provides factual evidence from sociological experts to support his narrative about when and how the change in romance began and progressed.

Saadia Faruqi’s ‘Brick Walls’ is a Must-Read Short Story Compilation of Modernizing Pakistan

BG Sneha Goud reviews Brick Walls, by Saadia Faruqi, terming it the latest collection to help Americans understand Pakistanis are not much different than themselves. The characters are all bound by a love for their home in Pakistan and their struggle to thrive in a place they love under threat from internal and external forces.

Viraj Mahajan’s ‘Derivation of Life’ Emotionally Delves Into Taboo Topics Of Depression and Suicide

BG Karishma Desai reviews Viraj Mahajan’s debut novel, “Derivation of Life,” and finds herself moved by the characters and the twists and turns in their lives.

Book Review: ‘The Paths of Marriage’ by Mala Kumar

The novel is a mixed bag. However, all of the issues tackled by the author are relevant and important, and are addressed with sensitivity . The Paths of Marriage talks of trying to find one’s own way, and voice even when it conflicts with the rest of the family and community at large. It also talks of women’s support systems and LGBTQ issues within the Indian community, where such issues seldom found open acceptance.