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Personal Statement: The Sacrifice to be the Perfect Student

personal statement

Young adult fiction incorporating entertaining satire of high ambitions and the ruthless college application process mixed with four protagonists aiming to polish up their resumes. "Personal Statement, Read More »

Bushra Rehman’s “Corona”

Bushra Rehman

Finding a good book to read can be an arduous task. There are so many different stories to sift through and get lost in. I want to read a book that not only transports me out of this world, but one that envelops me so I can not only see the words on the page, but feel them too. Finding that book is normally the greatest challenge. If you don’t have a Rincey Reads to tell you what’s a good book to pick up, then I would strongly recommend Bushra Rehman’s "Corona." Read More »

Book Review: “Salaam, Love”

salaam love

If you loved “Love, InshAllah” as much as me, then “Salaam, Love” is an even bigger treat. I was surprised by how much I found myself being able to relate to the stories that unraveled before me. Read More »

Muslim Vday Cards: “Is It Haram To Be Drunk Off Your Love?”


Inside the community, I wasn’t good enough – I didn’t wear hijab, was too old to be marriageable, too independent to be lusted. So I wanted to break both perceptions, and destruct the narratives and perceptions that people placed on me. The cards aren’t for everyone. But I see them as a form of radical art that challenges people to think about their ideas and perceptions. Read More »

Steampunk: A Day in the Life


Steampunk involves fiction that incorporates steam powered machinery; it tends to explore alternate historical narratives with strong Victorian era elements and makes use of the social dynamics of the era, the global political changes that were wrought due to the Industrial Revolution and the altering modes of thinking brought on by a major surge in Scientific discovery. Read More »

BG Spotlight: Rincey Reads


Wondering what’s a good read lately? Need a review before you pick up a book or tablet to bring yourself forth to the world of reading? Then you should meet Rincey Abraham. She’s a 27-year-old Chicago suburbanite, who operates the YouTube Channel "Rincey Reads." Read More »

Book Review: Painted Hands by Jennifer Zobair

Not just these four women, but all the other female characters in the book are progressive, feminists by all descriptions. They are strong willed and non-conforming about their ideals, yet, are still weighed down by the principles Read More »

Book Review: Coolie Woman


When we think of history, most people are yawning and thinking this is so drab, boring even. I disagree, history is where we come from it’s what gives us shape, and a foundation to stand on. New novelist Gaiutra Bahadur gives us the tale of a history that has never been explored. Bahadur did extensive research by traveling to three continents to formulate the historical accuracy of “Coolie Woman: The Odyssey of Indenture." Read More »

Book Review: Sakoon by Nishith Vasavada


“Sakoon” by Nishith Vasavada is a fascinating novel not just about politics and history but also about love and youths coming of age. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It is set during the 1980s in Karachi, Pakistan and the country is in turmoil. Dictator General Zia-ul-Haq Read More »

A Children’s Diwali Book


Sana Hoda Sood, an Indian-Muslim woman and her husband, a Hindu- Punjabi, wanted their son to understand the ins and outs of Diwali and familiarize himself with their Indian roots. See what she had to say to BG about her experience and journey through the book- writing process. Grab yourself a copy because this book isn’t only for children, it serves as a great explainer for all ages! Read More »

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