Poem: ‘My Body’

i’ve spent these days rebuilding my body
after ripping it apart with the words
of careless aunties and paper cuts from teen vogue

A Menstruation Story: The First Time I Noticed Down There

It all started with a t-shirt. Summer was approaching; clothing was becoming tighter and my t-shirts were clinging to my “budding breasts” as the doctor referred to them.

5 Toxic ‘Good Health’ Habits to Recognize and Change

Yes, it may seem healthy to create goals for yourself, but when you start to look in the mirror, self-loathe, and wish you looked like someone else, there is a real, underlying problem.

Hate Running? 5 Innovative Ways to Still Get in Your Cardio!

Luckily, I have found a few ways to get my cardio in on days when I’m just not in the mood for running in any form, even on a treadmill, or using an elliptical.

Menstruation in Media: An Overview (Part I)

If the 2010s has been marked by debates on the pornification of women and sexualization of girlhood both in the public and private sphere, then it could be said that this has been accompanied by a wave of online activism which seeks to challenge dominant ideas of the female body, especially through social media.

Mexican Pizzas and Cheese Fries: Why I Strive to be a Relatable Fitness Instructor

Before I even start, I want to set a disclaimer. Every single fitness instructor does things differently and all are correct in their own way. While some strive to be healthy in each and every conscious decision they make, others let loose once in awhile.

Love Your Body Shape and Own Every Outfit

Style, as I see it, is not about hiding your body shape, but about understanding and wanting to show off the parts of ourselves we like.

Finally, a Week-Long Fitness Challenge We Can Do

With all this ‘get ready for your spring break bod’ stuff going on, I wanted to throw in my own fitness challenge. But this one is different because this one is doable for us normal people to accomplish.

#WomensHealthWednesday: Trumping Our Reproductive Rights

I remember reading a quote on a Saturday night that read something like, “If you tell me that you cannot do something because your religion doesn’t allow it, then I won’t argue with you. But if you tell me that I cannot do something because your religion doesn’t allow it, then I will fight you.”

#BrownGirlsTalkSex: Dear Sweet Girls, Believe Me that You Deserve More

by Anonymous – Follow @BrownGirlMag Having been raised in a very sheltered, South…

What To Do When Your Period Feels Like an Exclamation Point

Periods often get a bad rap in the South Asian community, because they are regarded as gross, as impure. You feel like crap, and much of the time you get treated like crap. Well, take out your granny panties, your pads and/or tampons, and let’s jump into this Red Sea.

‘About Venus’: On the Power of Women

I wear my hair in a bun, curls cascading down my face,
my bun, prim and perfect like the Manali mountain
rooftop where visitors (tourists and local alike) throng
for the picturesque view they can post on their timelines

Brown or Not Brown: Views From a Desi Woman with Albinism

The moment I am in the presence of other South Asians in the diaspora who refer to themselves as brown, I try hard to figure out what they mean by that word. Are they talking about the color of their skin, the fact that the way they look ties them together alongside cultural and experiential bonds? Or is brown simply a way to bunch ourselves together by virtue of all the different things we share?

Actress Parineeti Chopra Celebrates 4 Years in Bollywood With a Kickass Photoshoot

On December 9, Parineeti Chopra celebrated her four-year anniversary in Bollywood. What better way to commemorate her anniversary in the Indian film industry than with a badass photoshoot that left critics of her weight completely speechless.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How to Conduct a Self-Breast Exam

Breast Cancer Awareness is not just for the month of October. Conducting a monthly breast-self exam is a crucial part of good breast health. Like with any other parts of your body, you want to do a monthly BSE to look and feel for changes in your breasts. This means knowing your breasts, being aware of their changes or anything unusual.

30 Reasons You Know You Are a Feminist

We need more men to identify as feminists, and truly mean it. Challenging rape culture, patriarchy, and inequality isn’t going to happen until we have allies, partners, and supporters who challenge their own privilege and subvert masculinity. Also, because…

7 Ways to Even Your Skin Tone After a Summer of Tanning

While many pale skinned beauties spend hours soaking in the sun to achieve that sun kissed glow, those already blessed with a natural tan try to avoid it at any cost. I think tans look beautiful on others, but personally, I prefer my natural skin tone opposed to being a bit darker. Don’t get me wrong – I love tans, but sunbathing in my case, usually results in uneven skin tone, harsh skin, breakouts, as well as my dark circles becoming much darker. Not to mention lots of sun exposure leads to skin cancer, and that is why I try to avoid tanning as much as possible.