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Empowering Indian Women Through Art


In recent years, women’s safety and security has become a pressing issue around the world. Despite many modern-day advancements, I feel that women of this century still have some sorrow deep inside their hearts. It is a feeling of helplessness, vulnerability and concern for their safety. Growing up in an Indian Army background, I got the chance to travel to several cities around India. I always felt very sad witnessing the hardships faced by many women in my country. I wanted to use my painting to express her emotions and the issues that she faces from birth throughout the rest of her life. This empowering series of paintings describes the plight of all women of color. Read More »

Chicago South Asian Film Festival Inspires Young Filmmakers


Have you ever felt truly inspired, like a wave of passion and possibility has taken you for a ride? That is the feeling that came over me as I walked out of the Chicago South Asian Film Festival this weekend. CSAFF is an annual showcase of independent South Asian cinema. The festival encourages emerging talent by giving first-time filmmakers the opportunity to screen their productions on a global platform. Filmmakers, writers, actors and audience members gathered together to celebrate South Asian culture and history through art. Read More »

Artist Extraordinaire Inkquisitive Speaks on BG’s First-Ever Podcast


When Amandeep Singh wakes up, his mind is already buzzing with creative ideas. As he heads to his art studio for morning meetings with his team, he pictures his coffee mug morphing into a planet with Saturn-like rings. There is seldom a moment when he isn’t using his imagination. Read More »

7 Must-Know’s about “The Singh Project”


British photographers Naroop Singh Jhooti and Amit Amin introduced Sikh awareness to the international community through "The Singh Project." Comprised of 35 portrait-styled photos, audiences are able to view the strong dynamic looks of Sikh men from the UK. Read More »

From Rakhis to Forever Rakhis

Jitin Hingorani

Jitin Hingorani and Meeta Manglani are the creators and founder of Forever Rakhi, a company that gives men an all-year-long fashion forward rakhi. BG Syeda gets the inside scoop on the conception of the brand and the unique design of their signature product. Read More »

Looking Through the Lens: New York City

New York City

New York City is one of the most written about places in the world. This city serves as a hub for finance, fashion, and dreams. BG Foram shares her journey and discoveries of the infamous city that never sleeps through a tantalizing and artistic photo essay. Read More »

Jisha’s Art Work

"Dance is the hidden language of our soul."

We asked Jisha Jacob, a digital marketing associate in New York City, to share some of her beautiful paintings with BGM. A graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in marketing, Jacob said she started painting at a very young age, but stopped along the way. Read More »

A Doll’s House: A South Asian Rendition by SAPAN


We are gearing up for a big performance based on Henrik Ibsen’s famous play entitled “A Doll’s House”, showing this upcoming weekend! Read More »

Interview: Eka the Poet


by Atiya Hasan Follow @AtiyaHasan05 Anirudh ‘Eka’ Dhullipalla was born in Hyderabad, India and raised in Minnesota and North Carolina. He graduated from Emory University with a bachelors in Economics.  He currently works as a ... Read More »

Dance Fusion


I’ll be honest, I’m a tough critic when it comes to dance. The word fusion and I have a rather strange relationship. When the words modern, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, or ballet are used in conjunction with Bollywood, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, or any other style of Indian dance, I naturally shift gears into the mindset of a dance critic Read More »

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