Instagram Apologizes for Censoring Menstruation, Spoken Word Poet Rupi Kaur Celebrates Major Win for Women

Feminist spoken word poet and author of “Milk and Honey” Rupi Kaur caused major waves of change this week when she fought against Instagram for censoring a photo of a woman menstruating — and won.

The Journey of Two Rings in the Western-Hindustani Music World

In the summer of 1997, my parents took me to New York for a week long vacation. I was fourteen-years-old, and as we came out of the Lincoln Tunnel into midtown Manhattan, I thought, “This is it. I will live here. I will make it happen.” That moment would later create the pathway to an unforgettable journey of fulfilling my dreams and passions.

The Bucket List Every Brown Girl Needs

“Exercise is important. Being healthy is good. I mean, the post pregnancy Aishwarya Rai is still just as flawless as “Kajra Re” Aishwarya Rai, but…why am I comparing myself to Aishwarya Rai? Duriba, you can’t be chubby.

Brown Girl of the Month Mahnoor Samana, The Spoken Word Poet

I have been a spoken word artist for eight years now and every step in my journey has been phenomenal. When I say spoken word artist, I mean the type of expression used when you write a poem and the words demand to be off paper.

My first exposure to poetry was when I was very young.

Muslim-Indian Artist Explores the Idea of the Truth and its Implications Through Paintings

Tasneem Mandviwala is a Houston-based artist, Muslim-Indian and a self-proclaimed feminist. Her artwork has been displayed at various venues throughout the Texas area, including the Jung Center and Matchbox Gallery.

Top Ten Quotes Heard at IAAC’s South Asian Literary Festival

Since New York City has long been known as the literary capital of the world, it only made sense for the Indo-American Arts Council to present the first ever South Asian Literary Festival this past week. The participants and attendees will surely agree, much was shared, great conversations were had and words from writers will never be forgotten.

On Feminism, Chanel and Copenhagen Fashion Week

Recently, I watched the Chanel show at Copenhagen Fashion Week and I was blown away! Fashion’s relationship to feminism has always been on an unsteady ground. Some argue that the industry poses a hindrance, which objectifies women and marginalizes people of color. Others say that fashion is empowering and provides a medium, where women and men can defy societal norms and belong to a space where everyone is equal. Though I’m well aware of the fashion industry’s flaws and controversies, I believe in fashion as a mode of freedom and expression.

The Blood Queen Saga Begins With An Invocation

The Blood Queen is an upcoming three-part graphic novel series. Blood Queen is introduced vaguely as a supernatural heroine in an online teaser. The teaser is full of suspense and leaves fans excited for more!

Empowering Indian Women Through Art

In recent years, women’s safety and security has become a pressing issue around the world. Despite many modern-day advancements, I feel that women of this century still have some sorrow deep inside their hearts. It is a feeling of helplessness, vulnerability and concern for their safety. Growing up in an Indian Army background, I got the chance to travel to several cities around India. I always felt very sad witnessing the hardships faced by many women in my country. I wanted to use my painting to express her emotions and the issues that she faces from birth throughout the rest of her life. This empowering series of paintings describes the plight of all women of color.

Chicago South Asian Film Festival Inspires Young Filmmakers

Have you ever felt truly inspired, like a wave of passion and possibility has taken you for a ride? That is the feeling that came over me as I walked out of the Chicago South Asian Film Festival this weekend. CSAFF is an annual showcase of independent South Asian cinema. The festival encourages emerging talent by giving first-time filmmakers the opportunity to screen their productions on a global platform. Filmmakers, writers, actors and audience members gathered together to celebrate South Asian culture and history through art.

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