‘Fast Five’ Interview with Comedy Writer Broti Gupta

If you tuned in to the Comedy Central Snapchat channel this month, you may have noticed Broti Gupta grace your cellular device. Brown Girl had the chance to catch up with Gupta on comedy writing, future aspirations and her witty social media presence.

First Biracial Miss India America India LaRoda Breaks Barriers, Learns the Value of Inner Beauty

by India Gupta – Follow @browngirlmag Prior to 2016, aspiring pediatrician India…

‘Fast Five’ Interview with Budding Actor Neil Desai

Up-and-coming actor Neil Desai spills about work, the entertainment industry and We talk about his work, the entertainment industry, and the future of South-Asian Americans in media.

An Exclusive ‘Fast Five’ With Internationally Acclaimed Music Artist Parichay

Parichay is a singer, songwriter, and music producer. He has established himself…

South Asians Break Barriers in North American Sports Industry

Neha Contractor and Neha Uberoi, founders of South Asians in Sports, are here to create awareness about desis in the sports industry and break through racial barriers.

Toronto Based Artist, Aman Chahal, Might Be the Next Inkquisitive in the Making

Aman Chahal is a Toronto-based passionate young artist who’s changing the game with a stroke of a brush.

Promoting Menstrual Dignity is Something You Need to Get With—Period

Meet Binti, a U.K.-based social enterprise that promotes menstrual dignity through access to sanitary protection and education.

Indian-American Journalist-Turned Actress Shruthi Mathur on Working in Bollywood and Hollywood

For Indian-American actress, writer and reporter Shruthi Mathur, life came full circle when she was offered a role in the recent Bollywood film “Banjo.”

‘Fried Cheese Balls’ is the Intelligent South Asian Webcomic We’ve Been Waiting For

“My story begins with an arranged marriage. My dad was 20 years old. My mom was ten years old. This blows my mind. How does a child agree—or does she?”

Investor Kumar Arora of ‘Cleveland Hustles’ Proves Indian-Americans are no Longer Your Typical Doctors and Engineers

Kumar Arora sure knows how to stay busy. Two weeks ago, Kumar made his television debut as one of the four investors on the new CNBC reality series, “Cleveland Hustles,” executive produced by Lebron James. See the profile video below:

Amit Jani’s Leadership Program Gives Young South Asians a Chance to Start a Career in Government

Brown Boy Amit Jani is part of a small but growing group in America: the South Asian American politician.

Kausar Mohammed and Krishna Kumar Talk Acting, American Culture, and South Asian Stereotypes

YouTube stars Kausar Mohammed and Krishna Kumar talk acting, American culture, and South Asian stereotypes as “Pinky” and “Rupesh.”

Actress Anita Kalathara on Breaking Into the Mainstream Film Industry

Anita Kalathara is an Indian-American actress born in New York and now based in LA. Selected to be in ABC’s Talent Showcase 2015, Anita most recently wrapped YouTube Red’s first feature “Dance Camp,” the FOX feature “Mono” and the indie film “Trafficked” with Ashley Judd.

Singer-Songwriter Ashni Dave Seeks Healing for Herself Through Music

Raised in upstate New York, singer and songwriter, Ashni Dave, started her journey with music at the age of seven learning classical piano. After graduating and unhappily working at a corporate job, Dave realized that music was her true calling and decided to pursue it as a career. She teaches and performs regularly at venues around New York City, including Pete’s Candy Store and Rockwood Music Hall.

Fast Five Interview with Scientist and Filmmaker Harshad Mahadeshwar

Brown Boy Harshad Mahadeshwar has always been passionate about filmmaking. Despite having a full-time career as a research scientist, he decided to follow his passion of scriptwriting and filmmaking.

Choreographers Sneha and Reejuta Classically Dance to Queen Bey

There’s nothing quite as inspiring as seeing fellow first-generation young creatives producing videos, music and dance. But it is extra cool when that content comes from people you know.

Keeping Up with America’s Favorite Dholi

by Tina Lapsia – Follow @browngirlmag While there are dozens upon dozens…

Producer and Medical Student Vissagan ‘VGo’ Gopalakrishnan on Inspiration and the Power of Music

Last year, Vissagan Gopalakrishnan, known by his producer name “VGo,” revolutionized the art of mixing and mastering Bollywood music with the release of his four-track “Bajirao Mastani” EP. If you missed it, please check it out below.

Twin YouTube Choreographers Poonam & Priyanka Shah on Going Viral

Last year, I discovered Poonam and Priyanka Shah’s “Ramta Jogi” choreography video on YouTube and became slightly addicted. Since then, I’ve kept in touch with the two and we’ve talked every now and then about their successes and all the new experiences in their lives. The classically bharatnatyam trained twin sisters are now moving into some unknown territory and working on new things.

Here’s What ‘Neerja’s’ Hijacker and Real Life Model Abrar Zahoor Has to Say on His Passion for Acting

February 19, 2016 marked a very special day in the life of model Abrar Zahoor. He made his much-awaited debut in the biopic “Neerja,” which revolves around the true story of the Pan Am Flight 73 hijack in September of 1986.