Brown Rang Tees: The Perfect Way to Express Your Desi-Self

Inspired by their love of being desi, co-founders Eneet Rana and Ravjot Chana, created Brown Rang Tees, an online store with a variety of funny, cultural-pride, self-expressive desi-themed t-shirts and apparel items.

The Importance of Riz Ahmed’s Call for Representation

 by Miranda Deebrah – Follow @browngirlmag This past week, Riz Ahmed—actor, musician,…

Brown Boy of the Month Jovan Heer Talks About His Success as a DJ, Journalist, and Artist Manager

I’ve had a passion for music ever since I was walking around in diapers, where I would dance all around the house and quietly mutter parts of my favorite songs in front of all my family and friends.

The Man, The Legend: Ahmed Ali Akbar

He’s hilarious, dorky, eccentric, bearded, and has great stories to tell. If you thought of your cool brown dad, think again. Well, actually you’re pretty close (except he’s not even a dad).
Ladies and gentlemen, Ahm

10 Times Utkarsh Ambudkar Has Been The Hero We Need in a Post-Trump World

While many celebrities have been vocal in fighting for what they believe is right, everyone’s favorite talented brown boy Utkarsh Ambudkar of “Pitch Perfect” and “The Mindy Project” fame, stands out from the crowd.

Brown Boy of the Month Anjul Nigam Maps His 25-Year Acting Legacy

Anjul Nigam is a 25+ year veteran of the entertainment industry. He is a producer, writer, and actor on “Growing Up Smith,” which was released in U.S. theaters on February 3rd. He is known for his roles in “Grey’s Anatomy” and “True Detective.”

Brown Boy of the Month Viraj Sikand Explores his Kenyan, Korean, and Desi Heritage Through Environmentalism

Viraj Sikand grew up in Nairobi, Kenya and his rich background inspired him to pursue an environmental path. He is a co-founder of Kulisha, a social venture that uses insects to transform organic material into a sustainable source of protein for animal feeds.

Brown Boy of the Month Nick Duggal Broke into Comedy After Being Booed Onstage

I didn’t grow up in a stereotypical Indian family. Yes, one of my brothers is a doctor. Yes, one of my other brothers is an architect—so that left me.

On America: A Brown Boy’s Thoughts After The U.S. Election

Last week, I was a Penn graduate, a music lover, a tech enthusiast. Today, I am a brown Hindu son of immigrant parents.

Brown Boy of the Month Ari Chalk ‘Disrupts Music Industry’ Through Technology

Ari Chalk is a writer, composer, producer, singer, beatboxer, guitarist and percussionist, all in one: a one-man, one-mouth band.

Hindus and Muslims Come Together Through ‘A Muslim in the Midst’

by Aditi Paul – Follow @Browngirlmag  Three days after the 9/11 terrorist…

Sitting Down With Satnam Singh Bhamara: The First Indian Player to Grace the NBA

Now, just because I’m 5-feet-4-inches tall doesn’t mean I can’t hang with the tall kids on the block! I had the chance to sit down (even though he is still taller than me sitting down) with Satnam Singh Bhamara.

Raja Krishnamoorthi: A Beacon of Hope for Illinois, Women, and the Middle Class

Believe it or not, this year’s elections aren’t completely filled with woes. Thanks to Democratic Candidate Raja Krishnamoorthi, there is a beacon of hope.

Democratic Congressional Candidate Ro Khanna Up Against 15-Year Incumbent

Ro Khanna is running for California’s U.S. House of Representatives’ 17th District seat, challenging incumbent Mike Honda. I spoke briefly with Ro Khanna over the phone about his thoughts on entering politics, the challenges facing the United States and the Indian-American community, and how he intends to make improvements to our society.

Peter Jacob: Home of Indian-American Congressional Candidate Vandalized

But running for office is not easy for the majority of Asian-American candidates. South Asian candidates in particular, who often have to face charges of “otherness” in a multitude of ways, whether it is because of their names, religions, or families.

The He/She Project: Daniel Pillai’s Journey of Self-Love

Vivacious, bold and a plethora of knowledge. Daniel Pillai is one of Canada’s most sought after entertainment personalities and hottest players in its entertainment industry playground.

A Tale of Former Muslim Ausländers in Berlin Today

In Damascus, Samir would slink away during prayer time to smoke with his friends. In Long Island, I would silently recite Linkin Park lyrics during the rakat instead of Arabic.

‘Fried Cheese Balls’ is the Intelligent South Asian Webcomic We’ve Been Waiting For

“My story begins with an arranged marriage. My dad was 20 years old. My mom was ten years old. This blows my mind. How does a child agree—or does she?”

Arjun Kamath’s Photo Series ‘Color of Our Skin’ Captures Plight of Dark-Skinned Women

Kamath recently made international headlines with his photo story titled “Color of our Skin.” The story of a dark-skinned Indian girl named Ranika, the photo collage takes the viewer through a visual journey and sends the message that unfair is needed lovely.

Investor Kumar Arora of ‘Cleveland Hustles’ Proves Indian-Americans are no Longer Your Typical Doctors and Engineers

Kumar Arora sure knows how to stay busy. Two weeks ago, Kumar made his television debut as one of the four investors on the new CNBC reality series, “Cleveland Hustles,” executive produced by Lebron James. See the profile video below: