British-Asian Rapper TazZz has One ‘Epic Dream’

by Nila Choudhury – Follow @browngirlmag You may have heard TaZzZ produce…

Brown Boy of the Month Vikram Singh Khalsa is the ‘Amasingh’ Magician You Need to Meet

Children are constantly learning with each new experience so they are still open to the impossible, but adults have already established an understanding about how the world works. When magic causes them to question or doubt that understanding, they often don’t know how to react…A magician’s purpose is to give people a break from their daily lives by momentarily suspending their reality. I think, deep down, we all want to believe in magic.

Hasan Minhaj’s Top 10 Moments at the 2017 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

“You know you’re news, right? Come on! But every time I watch CNN, it feels like you’re assigning me homework. ‘Is Trump a Russian spy? I don’t know, you tell me! Tweet us @AC360.’ No, you tell me! I’m watching the news!”

SAMAA: Chai Town Alumni Continue Sharing Their Musical Gifts

by Anjali Bhakta – Follow @anjaliib  Popular heartthrob acapella group Chai-Town was known…

Brown Boy of the Month and Musician Robin Chakrabarti Breaks Down the Model Minority Myth

Robin Chakrabarti is a South Asian diasporic music producer and songwriter with…

Toronto Based Artist, Aman Chahal, Might Be the Next Inkquisitive in the Making

Aman Chahal is a Toronto-based passionate young artist who’s changing the game with a stroke of a brush.

Brown Rang Tees: The Perfect Way to Express Your Desi-Self

Inspired by their love of being desi, co-founders Eneet Rana and Ravjot Chana, created Brown Rang Tees, an online store with a variety of funny, cultural-pride, self-expressive desi-themed t-shirts and apparel items.

The Importance of Riz Ahmed’s Call for Representation

 by Miranda Deebrah – Follow @browngirlmag This past week, Riz Ahmed—actor, musician,…

Brown Boy of the Month Jovan Heer Talks About His Success as a DJ, Journalist, and Artist Manager

I’ve had a passion for music ever since I was walking around in diapers, where I would dance all around the house and quietly mutter parts of my favorite songs in front of all my family and friends.

The Man, The Legend: Ahmed Ali Akbar

He’s hilarious, dorky, eccentric, bearded, and has great stories to tell. If you thought of your cool brown dad, think again. Well, actually you’re pretty close (except he’s not even a dad).
Ladies and gentlemen, Ahm