Mr. July

If you’ve never heard of Dev Patel, you must live under a rock. Seriously. He first broke through to American cinema with his award winning role in Slumdog Millionaire but actually was in the British show Skins prior to his Slumdog fame.

Meet Danny Pudi

Now, we here at Brown Girl have a bit of soft spot for funny guys. Meet Danny Pudi. Actor. Comedian. And full time Pindin. He’s the freshest South Asian face to prime time television. Co-starring in the new NBC show “Community” with comedic genius Chevy Chase and funny man Joel McHale, the show will have you laughing off your seat.

Brown Boy: Ricky Bhatia

Meet Ricky Bhatia, an aspiring music producer and successful professional engineer working at Texas Instruments. His tunes will have you jamming and his bio will leave you impressed.

Brown Boy: Amir Khan

Ready for this edition’s BrownBoy? Watch out! He just might Knock You Out!

Brown Boy: Kal Parekh

Meet Kal Parekh. Currently residing in Los Angles, Kal is a working actor with a passion for dancing and art. In his current gig, Kal works as a stand-in and double for Sendhil Ramamurthy (the Indian geneticist Mohinder Suresh) on the hit NBC show Heroes.

Brown Boy: Omar Ashraf

Meet our pick for October.