Brown Girl of the Month Kiran Rai AKA KayRay Pushes Boundaries Through Digital Storytelling

My name is Kiran (the ray of light) Rai—which often also gets confused with the pronunciation as Ray. My father named me after my parents went to the gurudwara for the Naam Karan ceremony (Sikh ceremony of naming a child) and the letter ‘Kakka’ came up.

Brown Girl of the Month Shayna Mehta Breaks Barriers in Basketball at Brown University

Growing up, I was a proud gym rat, playing many of the organized ball sports available in my school and community. I started playing basketball with my dad when I was seven years old and then progressed to playing for local girl’s and boy’s teams.

Brown Girl of the Month Rohaina Hassan Pushes us to Face Ourselves Through Storytelling

Rohaina is a Los Angeles-based creator who works in tech and online…

Brown Girl of the Month Marisa Chib Weaves Beautiful Prose Into Film, Fashion and More

I would write on my hands as a child. Ballpoint pen tattoos; hastily scrawled from fragments of creative inspiration. Potential stories were woven around sketches.

Brown Girl of the Month Sanjana Paramhans Designs Public Structures to Create Social Change

Sanjana Paramhans is a dynamic social designer from NYC who uses design…

Brown Girl of the Month Nivedita Kulkarni Found Her Authentic Self and Won Herself Stardom

Nivedita Kulkarni is a writer, actress, and comedian based in NYC. She was recognized as a rising Asian American performer in Hollywood by HBO’s East of Main Street. Nivedita has worked in development at Segal NYC, is a nominator for the 2017 Kilroy Awards, and can be seen on TV & commercials nationwide.

Brown Girl of the Month Meral Kathwari Runs a Global Business While Studying Journalism

Meral Kathwari is the owner and director of Kathwari of Kashmir, an…

Brown Girl of the Month Amrit Brar Draws the Occult for a Living

Amrit Brar is a first generation Punjabi-Canadian illustrator and writer who bounces…

Brown Girl of the Month Niti Majethia is a 19-Year-Old Award-Winning Author and Poet You Need to Meet

Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of creating an impact and having my voice heard. I was a bookworm— I’d read three to four books a day and I always felt like I belonged in there, in my own little world of poetry, music, and art.

Brown Girl of the Month and Media Mogul Jasmeet Sidhu Didn’t Realize Her Power Until Now

On a visit back home to Toronto, I was having breakfast with an old mentor. After discussing our lives, our careers, Donald Trump (of course), and personal updates, the conversation turned to me combing over my usual insecurities that I continually had about my ability to achieve all that I wanted to in this lifetime.

Brown Girl of the Month Actress Brittany D’sa Advocates Against Gender Violence

Brittany D’sa is a 17-year-old high school senior. She is a youth survivor of sexual violence who confronts and overcomes her trauma in the virtual reality film, called “Rise Above for Womankind.”

Brown Girl of the Month Anisha Adusumilli Broke Her ‘Shy Girl’ Label by Directing and Acting in Indie Films

Through acting, Anisha Adusumilli was able to explore and express different parts of myself that were to be hidden to the outside world. She independently wrote, produced, directed and acted in a short film called “First Date,” for which the Asians on Film Festival of Shorts has nominated her for “Best Actress.”

Brown Girl of the Month Shivani Ramanathan on Navigating the World as a Trans* Woman of Color

When I began my transition over a year ago, I faced the first hand the divisions between our parents’ generation, which believes in the traditionalist vision, and my generation’s more progressive vision. I still remember making the phone call to my mom informing her I had felt like a woman since I was four…

Brown Girl of the Month Sarish Khan Follows her Childhood Passion to Become an Actress

I’ve always felt that I was different, eccentric rather. I’m a strong believer of the saying follow your heart. (Cliché, I know.)

Brown Girl of the Month: Shivika Sinha’s Transformational Journey to Find Passion, Purpose and a Mission-Driven Life

Today, my work lies at the intersection of conscious capitalism, mindful consumerism, marketing, business, and technology. I believe that business must play a role in alleviating humanity’s greatest crisis in order for exponential positive impact to occur.

Brown Girl of the Month Raja Michael Feels Most Authentic When Making People Laugh on Stage

Meet September’s Brown Girl of the Month—Raja Micheal, a Los Angeles-based stand-up comic, storyteller, and comedic actor. She was born in New York City, grew up in Brooklyn and New Jersey, in a working class, desi family.

Brown Girl of the Month: Folk Singer-Songwriter Zoya Mohan Travels Across Continents Through Music

Meet our August Brown Girl of the Month, Zoya Mohan. India-born, California raised folk jazz fusion songstress, Zoya, has been praised by the likes of The Huffington Post, Wondering Sound, Rolling Stone India, MTV Indies, ELLE India, and more for her innovative sound intertwining folk singer-songwriter music and the inescapable allure of the North Indian tradition through her entrancing vocal style, coupled with intense, stirring harmonies, and eclectic instrumentation.

Préity Üupala on her Career as a Model and Minority Actress

I’m passionate about global cultural issues. My life “dharma” or life purpose is to inspire and empower people through my work and presence. Truly a global citizen of the world, having travelled to over 60 countries and speaking five languages, my work has always been imbued by an international fragrance. You learn about tolerance and to be more

Brown Girl of the Month Minal Mehta Teaches us to Unleash Our Inner Rockstar

Meet our May Brown Girl of the Month, Minal Mehta—co-founder of BollyX, a Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that combines dynamic choreography with the hottest music from around the world.

Meet Brown Girl Chloe Choudhury—a 13-Year-Old Superstar with Singing Talent for Days

What started off as an unpleasant experience of feeling left out in elementary school and continued, for a couple of years, was surprisingly what helped mold my heart, character and mind. It made me realize very early on that I did not want to be anyone but ME!