Exclusive: Raja Kumari’s Latest Music Video ‘The Come Up’ Pierces the Soul in a Beautiful Way

Well, it’s official. Upcoming Indian-American hip-hop artist Raja Kumari has done it again. Another video perfectly in tune to her unique melody, Kumari’s latest video, The Come Up, pierces the soul in such a way that makes you want more.

SAMAA: Chai Town Alumni Continue Sharing Their Musical Gifts

by Anjali Bhakta – Follow @anjaliib  Popular heartthrob acapella group Chai-Town was known…

Indian-American Actress Pallavi Sharda on Being an ‘Outsider in Bollywood’

Pallavi Sharda had a bumpy start to her Bollywood career, but this Indian-Australian actress is determined to cement herself in the industry as a powerful performer with her next film.

Texas Health and Dallas Desi Women Partner to Host the 2017 Little Black Dress Night

Ladies, I’m sure we’ve all had those moments while getting ready for a night out, as we scour through multiple outfits, often it’s the classic Little Black Dress that saves the day! On April 21st, 2017, Texas Health is giving women in Texas the chance to, once again, get out their Little Black Dress (LBD), but this time for a specific cause.

Brown Boy of the Month and Musician Robin Chakrabarti Breaks Down the Model Minority Myth

Robin Chakrabarti is a South Asian diasporic music producer and songwriter with…

Brown Girl of the Month Niti Majethia is a 19-Year-Old Award-Winning Author and Poet You Need to Meet

Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of creating an impact and having my voice heard. I was a bookworm— I’d read three to four books a day and I always felt like I belonged in there, in my own little world of poetry, music, and art.

South Asians Break Barriers in North American Sports Industry

Neha Contractor and Neha Uberoi, founders of South Asians in Sports, are here to create awareness about desis in the sports industry and break through racial barriers.

Rachna Nivas: The Classic Creative in the World of Kathak

Rachna Nivas is a well-known Kathak dancer, activist, and a co-founder of the Leela Dance Collective.

Toronto Based Artist, Aman Chahal, Might Be the Next Inkquisitive in the Making

Aman Chahal is a Toronto-based passionate young artist who’s changing the game with a stroke of a brush.

Promoting Menstrual Dignity is Something You Need to Get With—Period

Meet Binti, a U.K.-based social enterprise that promotes menstrual dignity through access to sanitary protection and education.