Libyan-American, Malak Kikhia, Makes it her Job to Show the Positive Side of Muslims

by Cathy Cassata – Follow @browngirlmag The following post was republished from Healthline…

The Journey East: How Queens Native Prashantt Guptha Broke into Bollywood

A native of Queens, New York, Guptha moved to Mumbai to live out his Bollywood dreams. However, his journey has not been easy.

Meet Shinjini Das: A ‘Go-Getter’ Girl Devoted to Women’s Empowerment

by Alicia Chinatomby – Follow @aliciac_7 – Shinjini Das’ riveting “Go-Getter Girl”…

Hasan Minhaj’s ‘Homecoming King’ is the TED Talk/Comedy Fusion You Need to See

Through self-deprecating humor and biting cultural insights, Hasan Minhaj helps the audience experience something unique: coming of age in America—in brown skin.

Sonali Pai Revolutionizes Children’s Programs with STEAM-Based Learning

“STEAM is the new STEM,” says Sonali Pai, making reference to the addition of ‘arts’ to traditional STEM-based curriculums.

Brown Girl of the Month Meral Kathwari Runs a Global Business While Studying Journalism

Meral Kathwari is the owner and director of Kathwari of Kashmir, an…

The Mental Health Spotlight: BG Jessie Brar

I started The Mental Health Spotlight to help shed light on the topic of mental health in the South Asian community. Through the power of storytelling and fact sharing, I hope to create a safe environment where we can speak openly about mental health.

Shaun Jayachandran Gives Kids in India a Chance at Education Using Basketball

Shaun Jayachandran is the founder of Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy (aka…

‘The Adventures of Molz’ Brings Childhood Memories to Life While Teaching an Important Life Lesson to Kids

The first book in this new series, tells the tale of her love and friendship with her Ammachi (grandmother) and Aama (turtle).

GIPHY Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month With Every Asian-Centric GIF you Ever Wanted

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPIH) Month, our friends at GIPHY (big shout out to Priya Shah, their South Asian editor) decided to take advantage of the power of a GIF by honoring minorities who aren’t always represented in mainstream media.