My Mother’s Silver Cupboard Full of Memories

Her memories were locked away in that cupboard. It belonged to her and only her and held only her things. Nobody was allowed to touch it or open it–ever. The keys were tucked in her waist on her sari, at any given time of day or night.

How Boarding School Became a Bittersweet Home Away from Home

I was four years old when I was sent to boarding school.

Love in the Simpler Days: Looking Back at Love Stories of our South Asian Parents

This Valentine’s Day we look back at some South Asian love stories from simpler days of our previous generations.

Dear Mutassan: Reflecting on my Grandfather’s Death, a Year Later

It was a weird thing to see. “Mutassan has passed away,” my dad’s text read at 9:41 a.m. The words just hung there.

What my Desi Parents Taught Me About Conflict, Illness and Success

I didn’t grow up in a family where we regularly or openly expressed our emotions. I was always jealous when I heard my friends say, “I love you too, Mom,” before hanging up the phone. But, there were things about my family life that my friends envied, too.

How I was Almost Disowned for my Decision to Marry Outside my Culture

Growing up in an Indian family, I, Sachin became accustomed to hearing the normal stereotypes used to describe African-Americans, Asians, and a barrage of other ethnicities. From a family perspective, there wasn’t any ill my parents had with these ethnicities; they were just sharing what they had learned.

What I Learned When I Was Promoted to ‘Aunty’ Status

My fearless nature knew no bounds and my mind was a hot-headed mess as a child and later when adolescence struck. I also resented the idea of having a younger sibling.

We’re Sorry: An Open Letter to South Asian Children

You’re likely not going to believe that we wrote this letter. It’s not something we ever would have done, but it’s probably better that we write this now than forever hold our words and grieve in silence.

Hyphen Podcast: ‘How I Met Your Mummy’

After I graduated from college, I moved to Madison, Wisconsin. I migrated to Madison for a chance to get my foot in the door for a career in journalism.

I migrated to follow opportunity.

The Struggle of Prioritizing Marriage Versus Career in Your 20s

When I was in high school, I had a “boyfriend” for about two weeks. He went to a different school than I did, and we would spend all evening, every evening, talking to each other on instant messenger. I was so excited to have a “boyfriend”, and I thought I was more intelligent than my parents when I lied to them one night and went to see a movie with him.

My Telugu Grandmother and her Endless Native Folktales

My grandmother went missing on a bright summer day. It was the kind of day that reminded me of the shirtless joggers in the neighborhood park and the shouts of joy filling the air as children licked dripping ice-cream cones handed to them by the vendors lined outside.

Open Letter From an Immigrant’s Daughter to Immigrant Mothers

Dear BG immigrant mothers,

You don’t know me – but on behalf of your children, and your children’s children, I want to thank you for your incredible strength and courage.

You might be wondering how a stranger could possibly know if you are strong or courageous, without knowing your story or your

Caring for Aging Parents, the Indian-American Way

I have a theory that a household functions best with no more than two adults. Two decision-makers can find the midpoint, and compromise between their preferences: debating whether to buy a BMW or a Hyundai? Find a car in mid-range price. Deciding what’s for dinner tonight? One person picks today, the other picks tomorrow.

What Happens When Your Old School Father Appreciates Your Feminist Storytelling

“Nadia, we should not be able to see the contours of your body. The Qur’an says cover your adornments that are most apparent. Men are dogs.”

An Open Letter to My South Asian Immigrant Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know you’re worried. Sometimes it worries me that my decisions worry you. Sometimes it even stresses me out to the point where I wake up at night feeling like there’s a tight knot in my stomach.

The Dreaded Question: When Are You Getting Married?

There is a side of my culture that has played on my mind from a young age. It has churned my stomach to bits. It’s what South Asian aunties always ask when you reach your early to mid-twenties—”beta, you have a good job now but when will you get married?”

9 Stories Told in 3 Sentences Prove Mother-Daughter Relationships are the Strongest

Strong women make stronger women. These words couldn’t ring truer when it comes to the beautifully empowered staff of Brown Girl Magazine. Each and every girl comes with her own stories, her own experiences, and strength. In every single word that each of these women writes are the hidden stories of hundreds of women before them who made it possible. Today, we take a moment to write about these women.

5 Bollywood Moms We Love

A Bollywood maa is highly emotional, dramatic and manages to cry in a jiffy. Her prayers have magical results and the halwa she makes is the best in town.

10 Things Desi Parents Have Taught Us

Here’s a list of 10 things that only desi parents manage to teach us.

The Fight for a Stateless Child’s Rights in the U.S. is Greater Than You Can Imagine

“I never made a child custody claim for Medhavi.” These are the words that made me a stateless child refugee and denied me of my rights and freedom.