Standing Against White Supremacy as a Canadian PoC

Racism exists openly in Canada from anti-Blackness to Islamophobia, and is deeply rooted in our nation’s history through indigenous genocide and ongoing oppression.

7 Things Every Girl Should Know When Marrying Into an Indian Soap Opera

When I visit my parents I almost always spend a few hours during my trip watching Indian soap operas. I like Indian soap operas. I like the drama, the clothes and jewelry, and the offbeat, sometimes farcical story lines.

Eradicating Violence Against Women and Victim-Blaming in Kerala

Ever since I was a child, I frequently traveled to Kerala, a state in India known as God’s own country. Kerala is one of the most educated states in India with a literacy rate of 94%. Besides education, Kerala is known for its natural beauty, tranquility, and strong, diverse cultural traditions. Unlike my other trips to Kerala, this trip was an eye-opener as I became aware of a different, grimmer image of the status of women.

#WeDoBelongHere: My Immigrant Husband and Parents Are Just as American as Me

I fell in love with someone who happened to not be an American citizen. Much like my parents, he has spent most of his life in the United States, however, according to the U.S. government, he was not eligible to gain citizenship due to his age.

Why I Refuse To Believe In The “White-People-Are-Sex-Crazed” Stereotype Among South Asians

An Indian man once said that he found it hard to believe that my white teenage school classmates were conservative and religious about sexuality.

Why Desis Need to Stop Saying the N-Word

The issue at hand is about the systemic racism operating against blacks in our society, racial slurs being just one symptom of the larger problem. The South Asian community is part of that problem.

Liam Neeson Is No Match for Monica Bhatnagar’s “Bad Auntie”

In this episode of Bad Auntie, she reminds Monica how exactly she has failed her parents by not yet having children.

My Arangetram, One Year Later: 3 Things I Learned From The Journey

It’s been one year since my greatest achievement thus far, and to this day I look back in awe and thankfulness for all that I have accomplished and gained through bharatanatyam.

‘Why Aren’t You Eating?’: The Ramadan Struggle for Muslims With Eating Disorders

Ramadan essentially mirrors the practice of anorexia and binge eating disorder. For a month, food is prohibited for long periods of time, until daylight ends, at which point, all anyone wants to do is stuff themselves with as much food as possible. Every time around this year, when starving yourself is expected and encouraged, I find myself torn between multiple identities again: the girl who values spirituality and wants to fast, and the girl who still hates herself sometimes and wants to starve.

Chester Bennington: Mourning the Eternal Rock Legend and Hero

The late Chester Bennington’s magical voice spoke to the rebel within me and acted as a calming stimulant in the process of growing up.