NY Times Article: The Female Factor

How do women feel about equal rights today? Are women progressing around the world in attaining better jobs and social standing?

Mickey D’s Happy Price?

In another example of Western-style capitalism exerting its influence in the East, McDonald’s new marketing campaign for India tries to make a connection between misogyny and pleasure

India’s Female ‘Quota’ in Parliment

Recently, the upper house of India’s Parliament passed a bill Tuesday that would amend the Constiution to reserve one-third of the seats in India’s national and state legislatures for women. The controversial bill has a long way to go, yet has stirred up strong sentiments on both sides.

Western Condescension of Hinduism

This was an experience I dealt with many years ago, and interestingly enough many Hindus are still dealing with today: the misrepresentation and subsequent belittlement of Hinduism. For a religion as established and tolerant as Hinduism, it is disrespected in the West through other outlets than just public education. Through media and marketable fashions and trends, the face of Hinduism becomes no more than what is represented by many in the West, a “mythological,” pagan religion.

Dating Dilemmas

University of Texas junior Fatima Ali (name changed for privacy) is one of countless students who has a difficult time discussing sex and relationships with her parents. She said that as a Muslim woman of Pakistani decent, she feels her ethnic and religious background has a major impact on her comfort level when it comes to being open with her parents about these subjects, as people of this background are typically forbidden from dating and have arranged marriages.

The Culture vs. Politics Debate

French lawmakers want to study the prevalence of the Islamic burqa in hopes of banning the customary garment on public French grounds. This proposal coming shortly after the 2004 banning of the headscarf along with other religious displays in public schools. For years, France has pushed to maintain its westernized traditions.

You’re Just not That into Him

Dating is full of trials and errors, and it can be a drag on anyone. Not every guy will be your prince charming, but there are some Do’s and Don’ts of dealing with a boy who doesn’t quite meet your expectations.

I Know What Boys Want

We asked our official brown-guy-Brown-Girl-correspondent what guys really want when it comes to dating and relationships. And, girls, don’t feel shy about sharing your opinions!

Interracial Relationships: Can It Work?

As if “normal” relationships aren’t hard enough as it is, a long distance relationship takes bonds to the next level by testing trust, longing and patience.Interracial relationships, though common, also have their own trials and tribulations for not only the lovers, but their families as well.

Goodie Two Shoes Syndrome?

Ever felt the pressure to be good? As a South Asian woman, many of us have been told that we’re “innocent” or “sheltered”. And when we actually do break out, and have a little fun, then it comes as a shock to our family or friends.