Examining Bharti Singh’s Prominence Amidst Bollywood’s Fat-Shaming Culture

On a recent episode of “Nach Baliye,” Bharti Singh addressed her struggle for success as a plus-sized woman in an often harsh industry.

March for Science Los Angeles: What We Can do to Defend Science

I’ll be joining the March for Science Los Angeles to stand up not only for science, but for people like my parents.

Labelling The Roots of South Asian Fashion to Solve Cultural Appropriation

When POC (people of color) are ridiculed for wearing traditional garments and are ostracized as easy targets to emit racist remarks at whilst Caucasian people are praised for wearing those same garments, principals how cultural appropriation is existent and dangerously thriving.

Michigan Doctor Arrested: It’s Time to End Female Genital Cutting Once and For All

Although I recognize the significance of the charges, I am also aware that FGC is a deeply-entrenched social and cultural norm for many communities.

Why Some are Unhappy with Zaid Ahmed’s #BlackLivesMatter Stanford Essay

While growing up desi, many youth trying to find their purpose in life become familiar with the phrase “You are not (insert array of demeaning adjectives here) enough.”

The Brown List: Staff Picks for April 2017

Happy spring, readers! We know that the Brown List has been on a hiatus, but we’re finally back and better than ever. BGM’s staff wants to let you in on our favorite beauty, health and culture picks for April.

Addressing South Asian Anti-Blackness: The Attacks on Africans in India

by BG Staff – Follow @browngirlmag This post is an installment of…

South Asians Break Barriers in North American Sports Industry

Neha Contractor and Neha Uberoi, founders of South Asians in Sports, are here to create awareness about desis in the sports industry and break through racial barriers.

Jhalak: A Play that Teaches Pakistani Culture at Emory University

I hope more universities begin their own Jhalak. It’s a great and effective way to showcase desi culture.

The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Guide to Leafy Green Recipes by Desi Bloggers

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m sharing recipes from 13 exceptional brown women food bloggers. Good luck getting through this list and not wanting to cook at least one if not all of these healthy and delicious dishes!