U.K. MP Priti Patel’s Resignation Reflects Lack of South Asian Representatives in Parliament

MP Priti Patel’s actions are a blow to a community who held her above their head as a torch for representation in the U.K.

From Animated Original to New Play, Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ Controversy of Racism and Whitewashing

by Amina Khan – Follow @aminaaakhan23 Whitewashing in Hollywood has been an issue…

#MeToo Goes Global: What Happened in Goa Doesn’t Stay in Goa

Today, in the Western world, I wouldn’t hesitate to trigger the alarm should anyone dare to sexually violate me. In India, I would still think twice!

Two Years After my Husband’s Arrest, my 4 Kids and I Still Await Justice to Prevail

They came in fourteen unmarked cars. FOURTEEN. Why so many cars to arrest one man is still a mystery to

Why I support Taking Down the Confederate Monuments

The debate on the continued relevance of Confederate monuments and their removal has now advanced across the border into Canada, where the debate rages on whether schools bearing the name of John A. Macdonald should change their nomenclature.

#MeToo: Workplace Harassment Isn’t Just a Hollywood Thing

When your immediate financial security or long-term career prospects are contingent on maintaining pleasantries with your sexual harasser, as is the case for so many young women, your options for recourse are starkly narrowed.

Why More Men Need to Stand up With the #MeToo Movement

Thousands of women are coming out with their stories of sexual harassment; no men are coming out and saying, “yes I have sexually harassed a woman.”

The Rise of Canada’s First Sikh NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Comes as no Easy Feat

Jagmeet Singh has officially resigned as an Ontario member of the Provincial Parliament, weeks after winning the federal NDP leadership, which was a historic moment for South Asians in Canada, moving up to an equally meaningful, yet tough election.

#MeToo: How Much Longer Must We Bear the Burden of this Epidemic?

More often than not, women are bound together by horrifying experiences like these, as opposed to being bound together by positive forces. We get sentenced for something we didn’t do, something we didn’t have control over, something we had no say in. Instead, the world tells us we had a choice, we had power, we had a voice, and that we just chose not to use it.

#MeToo: Sexual Assault is Real and No One Deserves It

Sexual assault and abuse are everywhere. From Hollywood casting couches to schools to our streets. The #MeToo movement shows the magnitude of this problem. As I scroll through my timeline, it seems like I should be asking “who hasn’t” rather than “me too” and that disgusts me.

Why Every Young Woman Should Move At Least Once In Her 20’s

Though my journey may seem a little excessive, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for every young woman to live somewhere new at least once in their lives. I don’t mean move to college for 4 years, or the closest big city with your girlfriends, but somewhere totally new that pushes you out of your comfort zone. It can be incredibly frightening to leave home, and even seem unnecessary, but the experiences I have had are invaluable and critical to my growth.

Harvey Weinstein Allegations’ Unveil the Real ‘Magnitude of the Problem’

With the allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape against Harvey Weinstein, we have a few things to say to those in power who abuse women

Why Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom’s Feud Highlights the Traditional Blame Game

Boxer Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom’s recent split and public feud cause society to confront a very ugly truth.

10-Year-Old Rape Victim Gives Birth in India After Being Denied Abortion

Being responsible for another human being at any age is challenging. But at the age of 10, it is unimaginable.

Why India’s Portrayal in Western Media Needs to Change

by Karthyani Satish – Follow @browngirlmag What do you think of when…

#TakeAKnee is About Racism—And Don’t Let Donald Trump Tell You Otherwise

It all began just over a year ago when then-quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat during NFL preseason games to protest police brutality.

‘A Death in The Gunj:’ Konkana Sensharma’s Dynamic Directorial Debut

Reknowned actor Konkana Sensharma’s debut directorial, “A Death in the Gunj”, film explores societal created stereotypes on masculinity.

Honoring National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month by Opening Up About Mental Health

The sad demise of US rock star, Chester Bennington, who chose to leave the earth plane in July, still lingers on my mind. A victim of child sexual abuse at 7 years old to a supposed male friend, 10 years his senior. He was afraid to ask for help in case he was deemed as gay or lying. He wasn’t South Asian or a descendant, yet subject to the same taboos that are still deeply ingrained in our culture.

The 9to5 Misfits Explain Why Engineers Need to Network too

Let’s begin with a story. There was once a young woman, born and brought up in Dubai and steeped in Indian culture who moved to Texas to study engineering.

Monica Bhatnagar’s ‘Bad Auntie’ was Sweet Once Upon a Time

When I wrote this short I was knee-deep in therapy, and one major topic of discussion was my constant struggle with my weight.