Poem: ‘What Middle Class?’

i am calculating how many more hours i
need to sit at this desk
how many more rich white folk i need to
drive around this city
to their tasteless and expensive bars
just so i can pay my rent

How to Put the Diva in DivaCup: An Original Manual

It’s made from silicone and is BPA free, plastic free, color free, odor free, and basically, the perfect way to be nice to the environment because you can reuse the thing.

Open Letter to Shibli Zaman: Survivor-Shaming Does Not Honor Nabra Hassanen

Would you also consider surviving members of the Grenfell Tower blaze not deserving of living because perhaps they fled while the whereabouts of some family members are still unknown? Would you apply this same harsh logic to the surviving girlfriend of Philando Castile, because she witnessed the brutal shooting of her boyfriend before her very eyes and was unable to stop the murdering officer?

Malala is on Twitter and Everyone is Freaking Out

After all of Malala Yousafzai’s accomplishments, it’s her entry into the Twitter world that has us all so amped up and excited.

The 9to5 Misfits Learn Some Interesting Things from a Non-Immigrant

The secret’s out — we’re immigrants! Gaasp! Quelle horreur! In the last episode, we recounted our experiences of coming to America and navigating life in a new country. It was no cakewalk, but we eventually managed to become comfortable in our own skin and assimilate, while also staying true to our Indian roots.

An Open Letter to Andrew Locker and his Racist Snaps of an Innocent Sikh Passenger

The following open letter is to Andrew Locker, a student from Charlottesville, Indiana, in response to his racist Snapchats mocking a Sikh man, who was a fellow passenger on his flight.

Ayana Arts’ Show, ‘In Full Bloom,’ to Provide Platform For Multicultural Identities

yana is centered around the belief that our identity is fluid, constantly challenged and redefined, but unified through art– no matter one’s career, interests, heritage, background or religion. Instead of comparing ourselves to one another searching for the right way for us to express our multifaceted identities, we come together to create new and thought-provoking art that expresses our collective identity.

The ‘Baaghi’ Teaser Released And it Ensures Pakistan Won’t Forget Qandeel Baloch

Baaghi doesn’t seem to be interested in telling the story of a beaten-down girl who was subsequently corrupted into an immoral character. Instead, it wants to tell the story of a headstrong and resilient girl who took her circumstances and created a name for herself.

Delhi-Based Prateek Kuhad’s Story on Rising International Face for Indian-Indie Music

Performing all over the world, taking the stage at music industry showcases and high-profile events like SXSW, CMW, BIGSOUND, Music Matters, and Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, Prateek Kuhad is rising as an international face for Indian indie music.

What you Need to Know About GOP’s Health Care Push

On June 22, 2017, Senate Republicans finally took the first steps to make good on their promise to repeal the Obama Administration’s Affordable Care Act, which endured its own uphill battle in Congress and in the Supreme Court to survive.