A letter to my Best Friend Who Committed Suicide

And, it’s worse suffering from a mental illness like depression, if you’re a man. After all, men must not cry. They must not complain.

My Last Hours: A Journey From India to America – Part I

The Pan Am flight was confirmed for the wee hours of May 19th, 1989. I discussed my pending future with Beeji, my paternal Grandmother, who raised me as her own daughter

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month: How You Can Help

Myth: Once a person decides to take their life, there is nothing you can do to stop them. Reality: This is not true. Suicidal thoughts are abnormal and they change constantly.

Texas Strong and Proud: What I Realized Living Through Hurricane Harvey

Every day things happen that throw off our plans. Weddings get rained on, events get canceled and places get snowed in. We accept and expect Mother Nature of being unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean we are always prepared. We are not always kind to her nor each other. At times I question our humanity and where it has gone, especially with everything going on in the world. But this weekend, my hope in humanity has been restored.

Signs of Climate Change Oceans Apart: How You Can Help Houston and South Asian Flood Victims

What both these incidents have in common, apart from their obvious tragedy, is that they are both consequences of climate change. In a few cases, disaster relief can become disastrous itself. When people with good intentions donate things that aren’t wanted in a disaster response, the consequences may actually be harmful.

The Colonial Eye: As The British Saw and Described Indians

India and Pakistan recently celebrated 70 years of independence from colonial rule. The British colonial period spanned over 200 years. During this time a prodigious number of images were produced by Britons. A period of history can be better understood by studying the images that were created to document it. By looking more closely at some of this art as well as analyzing the accompanying commentary, we get a deeper and more layered understanding of the colonial mind, interests and opinions of India and its people. This piece will also help South Asians to think more critically about images in history and those used in media today.”

#TherapyTalk: Choosing the Right Therapist for You

If you’re a South Asian that was raised to always obey your elders, please realize that you’re not responsible for taking care of your therapist. Your therapy sessions should be about you and your needs.

‘The Strongest Bond of Fraternity’: Social, Political And Artistic Links Between India And African Americans Before And After India’s Independence

Indians and African Americans share longstanding social and political connections that go back to the late 19th century. These connections, grounded in the shared anti-colonial and anti-racist histories of the two groups, and their impact on American politics and culture are usually overlooked in historical accounts of Indo-US ties.

Dear Aunties, Stop Telling Me It’s My Turn to Get Married

Okay, I get it – Indian people love weddings, dancing, eating, etc., but does that really mean at someone’s wedding all the aunties need to be on the lookout for who’s next? Honestly, they’re probably better at scouting singles than professional scouts are at finding good athletes. Weddings are great and all, but really, what does “it’s your turn next” even mean when it comes to getting married?

Using the ‘Law of Attraction’ to Attract Happiness into my Life

And one night, when I was unable to pass out as immediately as I would have liked, I started to think of how the definition of happiness and success was very different for me in the past.