Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Simran’ Dazzles in Concept, Falters in Execution

by Saloni Gajjar – Follow @browngirlmag  “Simran” is a brave idea for a movie. I…

‘A Death in The Gunj:’ Konkana Sensharma’s Dynamic Directorial Debut

Reknowned actor Konkana Sensharma’s debut directorial, “A Death in the Gunj”, film explores societal created stereotypes on masculinity.

Sisters Separated By Caste – A Review of ‘The Color of Our Sky’ by Amita Trasi

Imagine not knowing you share the same blood as the low-caste girl your family adopted. The one that is a few years older but always dutifully providing you her company. Your mother admonishes your father for bringing this girl of a lesser societal status home, but for you, she’s practically a sister.

How Being a Woman is Sexy – And What That Really Means

Standing up for what you believe in and proving negativity wrong is incredibly powerful. Not only are we incredibly beautiful and have dangerously gorgeous curves, but we have a tremendous amount of capability to do so much more.

Feminism in Bollywood: Where are the Women Behind the Camera?

With one-dimensional portrayals of women, watered down messages of gender equality, and preachy speeches, the films failed to make an impact.

Why I’m Struggling to Accept My Body Hair, but I’m Still Trying

I’m not like other girls. And when I say this, I don’t mean it in a condescending way…

The Stay at Home Mum: Is it Really a Choice?

I started working from home three months after giving birth but was faced a lot of criticism, questions, and comments from stay-at-home mothers.

Wonder Woman: An Ode to Mothers

Small and slight, stands just five feet tall
But the immense power and strength she packs inside
Could crumble an imposing mammoth wall

Malala, The UN’s Newest Messenger of Peace, Is Serious Goals

Malala Yousafzai is the youngest individual to ever be appointed as UN Messenger of Peace in a ceremony held in New York. Her primary focus has always been on education for girls and women’s rights.

I’m So ‘Exotic’?: An Open Letter to Priyanka Chopra

Dear Priyanka Chopra: You’re making it difficult for all of us exotic women of color out here to do our thing.

Help! The Pressure to Marry and Have Kids is Destroying Us

For whatever reason – biological, financial, psychological – some of us have not been lucky enough to turn our own dreams into a reality yet, if ever. Unfortunately, insensitive relatives and even friends often overlook our circumstances and fail to show compassion.

Is Beauty An Accomplishment? My Response to Priyanka Chopra Voted “Second Most Beautiful Woman in the World”

I know many people reading this will argue that she was chosen for being much more than a pretty face – a Goodwill Ambassador, breaking diversity barriers, and more.

But who are we kidding?

The Struggle of Deciding Between Being Bengali or American

In all reality almost everything about me was different, to my brown hair/eyes, my olive complexion, and my ability to speak a language my peers have never even heard of.

Pakistani Artist Saher Sohail Gives Martha Stewart Run for Her Money

by Aysha Qamar – Follow @ayshaa17 Growing up desi in the western world…

Daring to Dream: Parbati Chaudhury and Deepa Shah on Their Inspiring Journeys

With two very different but equally successful career paths, both these women share one very similar outlook on life: an unapologetic resolve to do what they love – and to continue doing it every day.

Writing Myself Out of My Marriage

As a child, I have a distinct memory of my mom telling me that by no means did I need to be married to have my own children, that I could have as many children as I wanted on my own so long as I was able to care for them, that I did not need a man to have children. What stands out is my desire, even back then, not to be married. I was never the girl who wanted the ring and the wedding and the man (or woman).

Dupatta Warriors: The Final Dimension of Every Life Event

Bereavement is the heaviest burden humans are forced to bear and there is simply no escape from it. Each one of us has to haul it, sometime or the other. There is nothing in the world that prepares you for it; there is no rehearsal or a curtain raiser to that event. No cut or gash even comes close to that searing pain.

Valentine’s Day, Love at First Right Swipe

by Priya Arora – Follow @ThePriyaArora “Valentine’s Day is so overrated,” I…

Thoughts on Valentine’s Day: Love Me Long, Hard and Fierce

Simply stated, I have no thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

Brown Girl Anjali Bhimani Brings a Desi Superhero to Life in Virtual Game ‘Overwatch’

The world of gaming and its inclusion of kick-ass female characters has come a long way since the iconic Lara Croft. Amongst many other memorable female characters, this heroine proved she could combat evil in a male–oriented digital world with more than just her curves!