Why “Peepli Live” is important

Bollywood appeals to the masses. And why shouldn’t it? The top grossing films are those that look on the lighter side of life, driving audiences to the theaters.

No One Killed Jessica Movie Review

No longer do Hindi films need to be simply entertaining. They need to be hard-hitting and impactful. Social films tend to do well at the box office and with audiences as well simply because they not only create awareness but also tend to strike a chord with viewers.

Irrfan Khan, In Treatment

I’ve recently become a fan of the HBO show, In Treatment. My cable company offered me a trial of HBO and the show hooked me from the first episode.

Crazy Awesome Mash Up For 2010

DJ Earworm shows us what was hot in the world of music in 2010 by creating this mash up of the 25 top songs of the year. Apparently, Kesha, throwing your hands up, and not stopping ever was very hot this year. Can’t wait till 2011!

South Asian International Film Fest 2010

However, the seventh annual South Asian International Film Festival, running from Oct. 27 to Nov. 2 in New York City, presents viewers with racier, independent films by young,

Archie Panjabi Wins Emmy

The 2010 Emmy Awards aired this past Sunday and along with predictable and deserved wins, one of the more surprising awards was for the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series — to Archie Panjabi in her role for The Good Wife. I was distractingly watching the Emmys while I browsed the Internet but my Indian Radar kicked into gear when I heard that last name.

So You Think You Can Dance – FAIL!

What is it about Bollywood dancing that attracts millions of viewers around the world? In essence, many people would probably say that there is a straightforward formula that every director should follow in order to produce a successful Bollywood dance scene.

Punjabi Kudi – A review

The film captures individual perspectives ranging from the ambitious and strong-minded rapper, Taran Hard Kaur’, to traditional Kirtan singer who started performing in Gurdwaras after immigrating to England from India and searching to make a place for herself in a foreign land.

Jai No

A few weeks ago I was prompted to ponder the following question – what makes a concert great? Is it the size of the venue, quality of the background dancers, or the abundance of pyrotechnics that determines the success of a concert?

Baz Luhrmann + Bollywood

by Sneha Goud According to a February 4 article in the Hindustan…