This Desi Rendition of ‘Dirty Dancing’ is a Must-Watch for Every Bollywood Aficionado

DD: The Shaadi aims to adapt one of Hollywood’s favorite movies into a desi-inspired short film.

All the Real Award-Worthy Acceptance Speeches from the Emmy Awards

by Saloni Gajjar – Follow @browngirlmag  #REPRESENTATION. Or at least that was the motto at…

Kangana Ranaut Challenges Sexism in Bollywood with ‘The Bollywood Diva Song’

Through her batting eyelashes and sweet smiles, Ranaut systematically takes down the industry which lauds itself for feminist movies on-screen, while doing little for the women after the camera stops rolling.

A Board Game About Escaping Arranged Marriages Exists and You Need to Play

Arranged!–The Arranged Marriage Board Game is exactly what it sounds like. Balagamwala has channeled the common experience of South Asian women feeling the early pressures of marriage and transformed it into gameplay.

SNKM Has Released New Music That Will Give You Chills

by Amina Khan – Follow @aminaaakhan23 SNKM is set for world domination….

Huma Qureshi on “Viceroy’s House,” and the Importance of Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin

by Kanika Monga – Follow @DrKanikaMonga Making a film about the partition of India is…

‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ Rises and Stumbles in Delivering it’s Social Message

“Toilet: Ek Prem Katha” is not your average movie. In this Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar starrer, the real hero is the social message the movie so kindly provides.

Fashion, Films and Fairness: A Conversation with Sarish Khan

In November 2016, our Brown Girl of the Month Sarish Khan made a huge leap of faith by taking a one-way flight to Pakistan to pursue her dream of an acting career. With no projects lined up, she auditioned until she was discovered and found her way into films.

Sujata Day of HBO Comedy ‘Insecure’ Releases Naked Hipster Project’s Second Single, PARTS

The Naked Hipster Project is the music and comedy brainchild of two close friends, Sujata Day and Will Collyer.

Was Patti Cake$ A Hit or Miss? + An Interview With Actor Siddharth Dhananjay

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‘The Big Sick’ Misses the Mark in Capturing the Portrayal of South Asian Relationships

As I walked out of the theater after watching Kumail Nanjiani’s “The Big Sick,” a myriad of thoughts ran through my head. Let me begin by stating that I feel that there are positive aspects of this film…

‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’: Just Another Disappointment for Shah Rukh Khan Fans

by Tayeba Hussain – Follow @browngirlmag “Jab Harry Met Sejal” is a predictable romantic comedy…

How ‘Get Out’ Reminded Me of My Failure to Stand Up For My Black Lover

I once had the privilege of falling in love with the most handsome, smartest, and most importantly, kindest human being in the world. He also happened to be a black man in America, who took on a brave task: dating a Bengali urban-American whose family was so deeply infected with colonialism and hypocrisy.

Ayana Arts’ Show, ‘In Full Bloom,’ to Provide Platform For Multicultural Identities

yana is centered around the belief that our identity is fluid, constantly challenged and redefined, but unified through art– no matter one’s career, interests, heritage, background or religion. Instead of comparing ourselves to one another searching for the right way for us to express our multifaceted identities, we come together to create new and thought-provoking art that expresses our collective identity.

The ‘Baaghi’ Teaser Released And it Ensures Pakistan Won’t Forget Qandeel Baloch

Baaghi doesn’t seem to be interested in telling the story of a beaten-down girl who was subsequently corrupted into an immoral character. Instead, it wants to tell the story of a headstrong and resilient girl who took her circumstances and created a name for herself.

Harry Potter: The Boy Who Keeps on Living

Harry Potter still holds the power to make people read, and technology takes a backseat. Whether it was via Hermione’s intelligence or Dumbledore’s wisdom, the significance of knowledge was always evident.

Riz Ahmed’s Stance Against Media Stereotypes and Lack of Representation

Ahmed has spoken out against limited roles for actors of color in both television and film, stating numerous times he would rather be poor than play stereotypical characters.

How Immigrants and Refugees Use Music for Survival

Music plays a massive role for many immigrants and refugees in the past and present. The sheer power of it can resonate hope in times of survival.

20 Years Since Harry Potter Made a Special Place in My Heart

by Jessie Brar – Follow @jessieebrar Harry Potter has a special place in my…

Feminism in Bollywood: Where are the Women Behind the Camera?

With one-dimensional portrayals of women, watered down messages of gender equality, and preachy speeches, the films failed to make an impact.