Discovering Indian Culture in Cyprus

The first person I encountered in Cyprus was the head of maintenance at the University of Nicosia (where I would be studying), and he was Indian. Not only was he Indian, but he proceeded to introduce me to the other South Asian students studying in Nicosia. I had sought out a culture different from anything else I had experienced because I felt as an outsider; somehow, I found a second chance to explore my heritage in an unfamiliar setting.


After attending college and entering the working world, I’ve noticed juxtapositions in many aspects of our unique culture. It sometimes seems as though the ‘C’ in ABCD holds true; the contradictions are just enough to make life that much more confusing! And one of the most evident contradictions I’m facing recently confuses me probably more than it should. I mean, there’s enough confusion in school and at work to keep us all busy!


Join Asma on her first real trip to Pakistan where she runs into some unexpected surprises, but learns to love every moment of it.