Raja Kumari: Is the South Asian Community Appropriating Hip-Hop?

by Fatima Ahmed Raja Kumari is the new fiery and fierce musician…

Women’s Empowerment Gala Takes Place in Edison With Special Bollywood Appearance

In late March, Shilpa Shetty Kundra was featured as the guest of honor at a Women’s empowerment Gala, hosted at Royal Albert’s Palace, in Edison, New Jersey.

The Groundbreaking Universality of India’s First LGBTQ Silent Film, ‘Sisak’

“Sisak” is a 20-minute silent film about two men who meet each other, over a period of many nights, on a Mumbai local train. Without a single word spoken, and without the possibility of physical intimacy, a strong, wordless romance blooms between the two.

American Authoritarianism: The Politics of Donald Trump’s Budget Cuts

As the White House continues to forge forward with its new administration, President Trump has now proposed his national budget blueprint — or known as the ‘skinny budget.’

Jhalak: A Play that Teaches Pakistani Culture at Emory University

I hope more universities begin their own Jhalak. It’s a great and effective way to showcase desi culture.

Kajal Vol. I, The First South Asian Lit-Mag is a Progressive Way Forward

Kajal pioneers as the first South Asian literary print magazine. The poetry, prose, photography, and art include diverse diasporic experiences.

The GAMA Collective Fosters the Development of Muslim Artist Identity

Founded in California’s Bay Area as an adjacent group to the popular Muslim Writers Collective, G.A.M.A. exists as a safe space for Muslim artistic expression.

The Ohio State Community Celebrates 10 Years of Buckeye Mela

by Ravleen Kaur – Follow @rippinrav The following piece is in collaboration…

Behind the Scenes with NASHA: Purdue University’s South Asian Dance Competition

Having started five years ago, NASHA began as an effort to spread the name of Indian dance at Purdue University. Today, the show’s board continues with this mission to promote culture and diversity on campus.

Brown Rang Tees: The Perfect Way to Express Your Desi-Self

Inspired by their love of being desi, co-founders Eneet Rana and Ravjot Chana, created Brown Rang Tees, an online store with a variety of funny, cultural-pride, self-expressive desi-themed t-shirts and apparel items.