5 Healthy Hacks for Your Booze This Summer

Suns out, guns out! Time for the rooftops, beaches, and patios. But what are you drinking? Here are five hacks to help you order something on the “healthier” side!

Reasons Why My Father is an Undercover Feminist

At face value, my dad is a traditional Punjabi, conservative and serious father who just wants the best for his daughter. Yet over the years, all of the guidance he has provided me and all of the choices he has made for me have all screamed feminism. The decisions he made in raising me would make Sheryl Sandberg proud; however, his behavior was never meant to work towards feminism or gender equality — it was just a great externality.

20 Years Since Harry Potter Made a Special Place in My Heart

by Jessie Brar – Follow @jessieebrar Harry Potter has a special place in my…

Stories of Stigma: Three Generations of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Over the years, people have become more open about their mental health. We are slowly chipping away at the stigma associated with mental illnesses, but we still have a long way to go.

Anxiety runs in my family and each generation has had a very different experience with their mental illness. Three generations of women have lived and survived generalized anxiety disorder.

I Woke Up Next to a Rape Survivor

I woke up this morning next to a rape survivor. She was preparing for her first day in a new position.

The Travel Ban Isn’t New: America’s History of Restrictive Immigrantion Legislation – Part II

Indians revel in their successes in America since the doors opened but completely gloss over the struggles and racism experienced by the first Indians who immigrated. Pioneers like Dalip Singh Saund, who lobbied and fought for citizenship rights for Asians and the struggles of the San Francisco-based Gadar party are all but unknown to the Indian American community.

The Travel Ban Isn’t New: America’s History of Restrictive Immigrant Legislation – Part I

“GET out of my country” is what the white, Navy veteran Adam Purinton is alleged to have said before shooting and killing Indian Srinivas Kuchibhotla and wounding Alok Madasani in Austin’s Bar

The ‘Triple-Five’ to Get Your Booty Toned for Bikini Season

Here’s the “triple-five” to get you going: five booty-toning exercises when done correctly for five minutes, five days a week will start yielding results the first week you do them!

Religion is Not the Only Way: This Ramadan, Let’s Consider Those with Mental Illnesses

by Faria Akram – Follow @followingfaria It’s 9 AM on a Saturday…

The Vicious Cycle: How My Productivity Became My Identity

While other kids were just carefree and couldn’t care less about the number of awards they won, I would be at home almost heartbroken that I didn’t win more awards than certain people. While other kids were having fun, my mind would be burdened with how to work harder to get the most awards and the best grades the next year.

Mexican Pizzas and Cheese Fries: Why I Strive to be a Relatable Fitness Instructor

Before I even start, I want to set a disclaimer. Every single fitness instructor does things differently and all are correct in their own way. While some strive to be healthy in each and every conscious decision they make, others let loose once in awhile.

They All Tell Me That I am Crazy

“You are crazy.”

No, I am not. I’m just scared that I will lose the people I care about the most. I’m just terrified that the people who I need the most right now will turn their backs because I am too much work.

Help! The Pressure to Marry and Have Kids is Destroying Us

For whatever reason – biological, financial, psychological – some of us have not been lucky enough to turn our own dreams into a reality yet, if ever. Unfortunately, insensitive relatives and even friends often overlook our circumstances and fail to show compassion.

Who Said Indian Food Can’t be Healthy? 5 Quick Fusion Foods for On-the-Go Millenials

While on the go, it is sometimes tough to find healthy, tasty snacks that are inexpensive, rich, yet light. In addition, most people consider Indian food the opposite of the above—heavy, unhealthy, and difficult to eat quickly.

It’s No Secret: Social Anxiety in South Asian University Communities is Real

When you have social anxiety, it’s very hard to make friends, let alone long-term friends.

7 Ways to Get Healthier This World Health Day

April 7th marks World Health Day! Here are seven different ways you can incorporate healthy habits into your everyday life.

5 Quick 1-Minute Workouts to do While you Make Dinner

Life is hectic and it can be difficult getting to the gym every day. More often than not, by the time you get home from a day of classes, work, or anything in between, you’re reaching for a snack, brewing a cup of hot

Despite My Anxiety and Depression, I Guess I’m Okay

I guess I’m okay. Well, really, I’m not…but I think I am.

On the outside, I smile. I’m obnoxious. On the inside, I cry. I’m anxious. On the outside, I look like a success. On the inside, I’m a

Finally, a Week-Long Fitness Challenge We Can Do

With all this ‘get ready for your spring break bod’ stuff going on, I wanted to throw in my own fitness challenge. But this one is different because this one is doable for us normal people to accomplish.

I Saw my Friend’s Husband on Tinder. But is he Really Cheating?

by Aditi Paul – Follow @Browngirlmag  December 29, 2016—I was on my…