Who Said Indian Food Can’t be Healthy? 5 Quick Fusion Foods for On-the-Go Millenials

While on the go, it is sometimes tough to find healthy, tasty snacks that are inexpensive, rich, yet light. In addition, most people consider Indian food the opposite of the above—heavy, unhealthy, and difficult to eat quickly.

It’s No Secret: Social Anxiety in South Asian University Communities is Real

When you have social anxiety, it’s very hard to make friends, let alone long-term friends.

7 Ways to Get Healthier This World Health Day

April 7th marks World Health Day! Here are seven different ways you can incorporate healthy habits into your everyday life.

5 Quick 1-Minute Workouts to do While you Make Dinner

Life is hectic and it can be difficult getting to the gym every day. More often than not, by the time you get home from a day of classes, work, or anything in between, you’re reaching for a snack, brewing a cup of hot

Despite My Anxiety and Depression, I Guess I’m Okay

I guess I’m okay. Well, really, I’m not…but I think I am.

On the outside, I smile. I’m obnoxious. On the inside, I cry. I’m anxious. On the outside, I look like a success. On the inside, I’m a

Finally, a Week-Long Fitness Challenge We Can Do

With all this ‘get ready for your spring break bod’ stuff going on, I wanted to throw in my own fitness challenge. But this one is different because this one is doable for us normal people to accomplish.

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I was four years old when I was sent to boarding school.

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#BrownGirlsTalkSex: Committing the Mother of All Sins as a Pakistani-Muslim Woman

There’s no way I can repent for this sin. This is the MOTHER of all sins! And I kept replaying it in my head all night.