This Diwali Menu will Earn you all the Michelin Stars this Festive Season

Since this is a cultural festival, I like to keep my recipes as authentic as possible—I try to give my guests a taste of India through our Diwali menu.

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice—What’s In Your Chai?

With all the different types of chai out there I’ve learned that there is no perfect way to make a cup of tea because chai is a very personal experience.

The Chole and Chutney I Once Ate Dangerously Fast, I Now Eat With Pride

One day, some of the thick green chutney fell from the folds of the surrounding saran wrap onto the white lunch table. Out of nowhere, a classmate pointed and shouted out, “bird poop!”

Sweet Potato Cashew Cream Sauce And Brown Rice Pasta: A Recipe by Mistake

This pasta and sweet potato cashew cream sauce recipe will ensure you never go back to basic pasta again!

6 South Asian Restaurants You Didn’t Know You Had to Try

We, at Brown Girl Magazine, made it easier—here are six South Asian restaurants in the tri-state area you have to try!

It’s Time To Cozy Up With Tea And These Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Muffins

by Akansha Agrawal This post was originally posted on and republished…

6 Mumbai Street Foods You Need in Your Life

Here’s a list of six of my favorite Mumbai street foods for every Brown Girl!

Mom’s Homemade Butter Chicken: A Timeless Classic in the Kitchen

Since I am a butter chicken enthusiast, it only felt right that I shared my favorite recipe.

You’ll Want to Gobble Up this Guyanese-Style Goat Curry in Minutes!

Goat curry is one of the curry dishes reserved for special occasions in my family.

Move Over Turmeric, Because this Saffron Tea is the New Golden Milk in Town

I recreated the original saffron tea recipe and also added my own twist by making one with almond milk and honey.

Here’s How to Make Your Favorite Ice Cream Sandwich with a Healthy Spin

Your very own, homemade ice cream sandwich. YUM!

‘Would You Like Some Tea?’: A Love Poem for Tea.

May this poem be a comforting reminder that you can press the warm tea cup to your bare chest, close your eyes and you are home. Mom just made tea for you.

How We Should React to the Turmeric Latte

The turmeric latte is a fancy name for what we’ve been drinking since childhood, haldi ka doodh.

Around the World in 7 Cauliflower ‘Rice’ Recipes

There’s one place any impending travel bans simply can’t touch—your kitchen. I’m here to show you how to cook your way across the world in the sanctuary of your kitchen while you explore the flavor profiles of iconic rice dishes.

The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Guide to Leafy Green Recipes by Desi Bloggers

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m sharing recipes from 13 exceptional brown women food bloggers. Good luck getting through this list and not wanting to cook at least one if not all of these healthy and delicious dishes!

3 Desi Cooking Recipes Made Simple for the South Asian Supermom

Are you a supermom looking to save time and energy in the cooking department? Then this is just for you with a few recipes that make desi cooking simpler! Moms are able to multi-manage bath time, bedtime, laundry, cooking,

9 Sweet ‘Not Your Mama’s’ Holi Recipes

Some of these recipes are rifts on more traditional recipes and others are modern, western dishes spun for Holi.

How to ‘Play Colors’ on Holi with Cookies

Check out this fun (and edible!) DIY project you can do with your guests this Holi!

The Need to Stop ‘Columbusing’ Curry and More!

Curry, for example, was the newest food trend not too long ago. Really? I’ve been eating curry for all 28 years of my life.

A Valentine’s Day Special: How To Find A Good Catch

Celebrate your love for seafood with these easy tips for what to look for when shopping for fish!