Make-Up Finds!

by Aditi Mehta – Houston, TX Full Disclosure: ELF Cosmetics and I…

Take your Winter Pieces to Summer

Building a winter wardrobe takes hours of relentless searching and pairing until you find pieces that are functional while classy. The worst thing is when you have to pack away your peacoats and gloves until the next winter. Well fear not! Here are some fabulous pieces that you can take from your winter wardrobe and reinvent them into fab summer outfits!

Trendsetting: Teal Eye Makeup

For many of us, teal make up might sound a little intimidating. However, done right, teal can be flirty and fun for a night out.

Blending In

I was six or seven when a fellow Indian playmate informed my skin was darker than hers because I didn’t bathe enough. Even at that age, I was aware her claims were false. But it didn’t stop me from staring at myself in a mirror when I got home that day or on all the other days I looked at my body and wished for my skin to be lighter since.

The Make-Up Break-Up

As you shift around items in your collection, you may have wonder if your make-up ever goes bad or expires. The answer is an astounding: YES!

Continual exposure to air and bacteria causes your make-up to loose its effectiveness and may cause infections. Most make-ups contain preservatives that prevent common-use bacteria from growing, but improper storage and extended use will increase the chances of you breaking-out or getting something ghastly, like pink eye!

Fall Time Accessories

It’s time for class and you’re already late! What to do, what to do? How to look super-chic with only five minutes to get out the door? Well just grab a fabulous accessory or two or three to look like the true Brown Girl fashionista that you are!

From Panama Hats to Parachute Pants

We’ve all seen it before: the chandelier earrings, the kurtis/tunics and chappal-like footwear. Desi-inspired fashion trends are nothing new in the United States. This year, however, there may be a trend that takes “east meets west” a little too far.

Shop at Home!

No, I don’t mean shop online or peruse the Home Shopping Network, I mean shop in your own closet! Or your mother’s, sister’s or even brother’s! We all know the current economic situation facing us, the headlines don’t let us forget about the increasing rate of unemployment and business closures. This all makes for very guilty shopping expeditions with many “I don’t really need this…”. However, I have the perfect solution: shop in your closet and those of your loved ones!

A How-To For Smokin Eyes!

The perfect smokey look is a classic and sultry look, perfect for any night out. But many girls are afraid to try it because they don’t want to look like they rubbed ash on their eyes. However, there is no need to worry any longer, if you follow my steps, you will be well on your way to conquering the smokey eye!

Cheap-O Beauty: Make-Up on a Budget

With the direction the economy is heading and the unemployment rate sharply on the rise, this is clearly not the time for anyone to be splurging on expensive products. Thus, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite budget-friendly cosmetic finds that do justice to their more expensive counterparts found in high-end stores, such as Sephora.