The Brown List: Staff Picks for June 2017

It’s summer time and BGM is turning up the heat with our fabulous staff picks. We’ll have you beach ready in no time with exclusive beauty DIY’s and product recommendations that are catered to YOU!

Why I’m Struggling to Accept My Body Hair, but I’m Still Trying

I’m not like other girls. And when I say this, I don’t mean it in a condescending way…

5 Beauty Products Every Girl Needs This Summer

There are ways you can enjoy the patio weather and the glories of the perfect summer skin, and it all depends on the beauty products you use.

Friends Groups Spends Hours Getting Ready To Look Exactly Like Every Other Girl At Party

CHICAGO, IL – A stick of red lipstick, some intense hair straightening, and a simple swipe of cat eyeliner later, the girls getting ready at Apt. 908 are ready for their Uber heading to Naina Khanna’s birthday party.

Trending Now: The Summer Breeze and Graphic Tees

You may have noticed a sudden spike in the number of graphic tees in stores, online, and in Instagram posts—even in places you may not have expected!

4 Fail-Proof Tips for a Better Slumber

I knew exactly how to get my sleep cycle restarted again.

3 Ways Every Brown Boy Can Rock the Hat this Summer

A hat could add statement to a casually worn t-shirt with a cool pair of jeans.

How I Learned to See The Worth in My South Asian Beauty

In kindergarten, my friend Emma took it upon herself to explain that my darker skin and bushy eyebrows meant that I would never be pretty. I didn’t question Emma’s words at the time because, validated by her shiny blonde hair and pale green eyes, how could she have been wrong?

Here’s How to Double Up Your Summer Look with Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim, also known as Double Denim, is a trend that has been around for decades.

South Asian Women are Making an Everlasting Mark in the Pageant World, and Chhavi Verg Shows us How

Verg’s 1st runner-up placement in the pageant was a historical first and I’m sure she had all the Brown Girls supporting her across the nation. I know I was one of them.