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  1. sidnj
    February 21, 2012

    Yup this is definitely true. I had the same problem at my wedding. My younger cousins were going crazy and I have so many of them. Believe it or not I was the last one getting my mehndi done when the artist was exhausted! It’s the brides day she comes first!

  2. Humera (TX)
    May 5, 2012

    Great article! I agree with you 110% as a henna artist myself. I feel our desi community is very inconsiderate when it comes to “mehndi’s” or “sangeets”. It’s the brides big day, she deservers the spotlight, just because you are attending doesn’t mean that you should get the EXACT same treatment. Aunties want to push and pull the henna girl and treat her like shes a non-stop working machine.
    Its unfortunate to say, but I actually turn down many mehndi catering opportunities for this exact reason.
    Good luck to all my other henna artists out there!

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