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Pretty sure they’ll revoke my Indian Card…

by Simerjeet SahotaOhio State Graduate

…If I don’t talk about this.

First off: I don’t really know who “they” are.  I’m really just referring to a general sense of paranoia (cause that’s basically how I roll).

Second  off: the “Indian-card” thing? Not real. (I want to prevent any messages coming to my inbox on this one from the beginning).  It’s kind of like the “V-card” or the “race-card” –  i.e. not a real card.

Third off: Because I’m really just wasting your time now, let me get to the point – Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2012 show was inspired/influenced by India.  Ya, I know.  There’s the show and the pre-show and the post-show and the show show – ugh.  Fashion is needlessly complicated to say the least.  Anyway, because I’m, you know, Indian, it just makes sense that I should be the high authority on this collection.

Additionally, I love it because I have a ton of Indian stuff and if this is going to turn into a full blown trend, I am going to have so much money to spend on other things.

Embellished pockets with classic French tailoring.  Yup.  Let’s get this party started.

There’s something about this collar that I love.  Plus the design is so minimally over-the-top.

Totally contradicted myself and I’m fine with it.

God! So clean! And that necklace – I’m an undecided fan of the tassel but this is just beautiful.

The thing about Indian clothing is that it can be, oh I don’t know, over the top.  But I love the cut on the skirt (I’m predicting a lot of this tulip, cut higher in the middle business – mark my words) because it adds volume while still being simple.  The white on white on white isn’t looking too bad either.

I.  Want.  That.  Scarf.  (in addition to the entire outfit).

Yeah.  I could wear this to work EVERY DAY.

This is probably one of the most Indian pieces I’ve seen in the collection and I love the metallic leggings (good for not just your Indian inspired clothing but for pairing with other pieces as well). Again, not over the top but this tunic has enough jazz to make you stand out.

I think it’s obvious I have a thing for the skirts that were featured.  Also whatever is going on with the necklace/neck area I EFFING LOVE.  I’m all about giant collar necklaces so I’m extremely happy right now.

Bloody hell.  Give me one in every color.  The draping, the detail, the all of it – just wow.

So Indian that I love it.  And I don’t know what was going on with the necklace/belt across her chest but let’s be honest, I would wear my necklace/belt that way if I could (I say that because while I may be fashionably risky, I’m not that fashionably risky).

Something that’s very very Indian and so clean and sharp at the same time.  I love the asymmetrical cut – again it adds volume and makes the whole look super interesting.

Um.  Can I have some of that, please?

If I haven’t mentioned that I’m a fan of menswear than shame on me.  If I haven’t mentioned I’m a fan of Indian menswear then may I be struck with lightening! As much as I love the glitz and glamour of woman’s Indian clothing, I love love love the comfort of the men’s.  This kurta-style ensemble, by far, is the thing I’d wear the most.

I love the Greek-Indian mix here.  So flowy, so light and yet so stunningly done.  I tip my invisible hat to you, Lagerfeld.