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Fall Trend: Dark Lips

 by Priya MukhopadhyayStony Brook University

Out with the nudes and in with the plums, reds, and fuchsias! Fall is here and its time to switch up last season’s lip colors! Summer saw all sorts of baby pinks, nudes, and coral glossy lips, but look around in autumn and you’re sure to see many people sporting matte rich dark lips that perfectly compliment the brisk weather and fabulous fall fashion trends.

But there’s one problem: you’re South Asian and dark lips make you look like an auntyji or some horrible makeup experiment gone wrong. Fear not, keep these few tips in mind while purchasing your fall lip color and you will be among the seemingly minute population of individuals who can effortlessly pull off a dark lip.

1.) First and foremost, embrace your inner diva and be willing to be bold! If you always play it safe with your lip colors, you’ll never have fun! Reach for a color that you have never tried before and see if it works for you. Give it a chance and do not immediately dismiss it because the color is not something that is ‘typically you.’

2.) Another thing to remember is that matte lip colors look great with darker colors. A matte nude is very unforgiving because it can highlight lip imperfections but a matte dark color is more wearable and gives off a regal and classy “rose petal-esque” finish. If you’re not into mattes then you can always put a clear gloss on top and voila, two looks in one tube! Can it get any better than that?

3.) If you are fair skinned, most kinds of reds will look good on you. Try to stay away from colors that are dangerously dark i.e. raisin, or deep plum colors because they can make you look very garish. If you are darker skinned, go for a orange red and stay away from red reds (with blue undertones), the orange compliments the olive and golden in our skin. Rust colors look great as well.

4.) Purple/Plum colors are all the rage! Nothing says classy more than a matte, plum lip color! Almost all plums will look great on South Asian skin tones. Once again, try to stay away from colors that are too dark because you do not want to look too dramatic. Try raspberries, wines, and plum colors of your favorite brand.

5.) Rock the hot pink! Because you can! And you will look great doing it! When looking for a hot pink, try to stay away from shimmery colors or glitters. Aim for a creamy, highly pigmented color like Maybelline’s Fifth Avenue Fuchsia. This color looks glamorous and fun on all skin tones, fair or dark so try it out!

6.) If you are going to wear a dark lip it is very important to keep the rest of your face simple. Go for a casual peach, or brown matte eye shadow and lay off the bottom eyeliner or switch it up with a lighter color, something other than black. The switch up can offer a fresh, new look for the upcoming new season.

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