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skinDEEP by Deepica Mutyala

Deepica Mutyala is the founder of skinDeep an online resource for all things make-up. As a fellow Brown Girl, Deepica explores the wide world of makeup to give you some great tips on how to create an even more beautiful you.

by Deepica MutyalaGuest Contributor

I’m a makeup aficionado who loves helping others achieve their perfect look. I’m passionate about beauty and the way it makes women feel. I experiment with new shades, brands, and products to figure out what works best and share my results with my readers. Interning in NYC for L’Oreal reaffirmed my passion for cosmetics. I want my blog to provide everything readers need to know about beauty including cosmetic advice, fashion tips, makeup dos and don’ts, and the hottest trends. SkinDEEP has all the information you ever wanted, all your questions answered, and advice on how to get that flawless look!

Be sure to check out the “ASK” link on my blog for all your questions/ comments and I will answer them as quickly as I can! Here’s a little blurb from my post on red lipstick.

Red Lips – Is It For You?

I know everyone sees all the celebs wearing the cherry red lipstick and wants to try it out but scared to because it is SO bold. I personally think it’s a great look! It’s different, fun, and daring. I feel like red lips are all about confidence. If you believe you look good in it, everyone else will too. That being said, BOYS HATE IT! I don’t know if its too different for them or they just don’t understand fashion, but I have yet to meet a guy who actually thinks red lips looks good on anyone that isn’t on a runway. My two personal favorite red lips are below:

Personal Favorite 1: YSL Rouge Pur Couture

Personal Favorite 2: Bobbi Brown Vixen Red

My advice is that if you are doing red lips for a date or before dinner/ drinks, carry the lipstick with you throughout the night! Although these shades are HIGHLY pigmented (when I say highly, I mean HIGHLY), it’s never a good look when your lip color fades. The purpose of red lips is to be BOLD, so to maintain that look throughout the night, make sure to throw your lipstick in your clutch.

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