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The Funky Eye

by Rachel GounderUniversity of Texas at Austin

Fall is all about that FUNK!

One of the first things people notice about someone is their eyes. Look at the mirror right now, what does your eye look say about you?

I spent the day at Sephora trying on some fun and funky looks and found out that this season its all about color. The best part about being a Brown Girl is that we really can pull off funky colors, believe it or not! Fun young colors can give other people better insight into your personality. Break away from those boring neutral tones that we use everyday and make a statement. Don’t be afraid to stand out and express yourself through makeup. Try these looks for a fun night out on the town:

Mellow Yellow

Lighter colors around the eyes emphasize those areas. So if you are trying to make your eyes pop this is the look for you. The green set into the crease gives the shadow effect that everyone tries for, this look uses the same techniques as the normal night look but it uses COLOR instead! The most important part of this look is the mascara, light feathery strokes for application creates fluttery lashes while using less product.

Plum Power

Purple is probably the most versatile color out there, since it is made from warm and cool tones. It compliments every skin tone. Just make sure to use a matte color for the crease in order to create just the perfect shadow. Why not go out for a night on the town with the girls in this look?

Starchild Odyssey-Tarina Tarantino

This look screams funk, with its use of silver, teal, blue, and crèmes. It uses the shadows from the Tarina Tarantino line at Sephora. The silver in the corners, gives a more feminine appearance to the face, while the teal gives it a rocker finish.