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Beauty Diaries: Eyeliner

Beauty Diaries: Eyeliner

by Reshma Jae – Georgia State University

I’ve recently started experimenting more with the way I put on eyeliner, I know, I know. I was shocked as well when I found out that their is a different way to put on eyeliner like our mothers favorite soap opera stars.

It’s like a whole new world has opened up for me, a wonderful world of shapes, lines, brands and dare I say it COLOR! Of course as with any makeup trend or style, you’ll have to adjust each look to your own shape or eyeline but use this as a general guideline.

The Natural

This is my personal favorite everyday go to look. As young professionals, it’s difficult to wear heaps of makeup and be taken seriously which is why the ‘natrual look’ is emphasized to much today. People want to look fresh, clean, and like they’re wearing no makeup at all.

With this look take a pencil that most closely matches your eye and hair color (generally black, dark brown, or a medium brown). Use the sharpened pencil to trace the top center of your eye and the bottom center, avoid the inner and outer corners of your eye. By doing this your eyes look awake and more open without looking like you have any makeup on.

The Flirt

We all want to accentuate our eyes without looking like we’re batting our clumpy mascara ridden eyelashes, but sometimes we tend to think more is more. Ladies, say it with me, LESS is MORE.

Use a gel eyeliner or a felt pen in  dark brown for this look and draw a thin line on the top and bottom of your eyes. The key here is to follow your natural line and not to exude your creative skills at this moment in time. Then use a dark brown mascara and put one coat on only the top of your eye. This way it keeps the focus on your eyes and not on the big black frame around them!

The Film Star

Now it’s time to release your inner Madhuri Dixit here! You knew it was coming, the time for you to use that big tube of jet black kajol. This is a great evening look especially if you pull your hair back and want to keep the attention on your glowing face.

Start by using your black eye pencil and tracing the upper and lower lids of your eye staying away from the inner corner (TIP: Putting eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes tends to smear so be careful). Use your liquid eyeliner brush, gel eyeliner, or felt tip pencil and line your eye exactly where you drew with the pencil. Then once that has dried, go back and make the line slightly thicker one round at a time until satisfied. Then use jet black lengthening mascara, put two layers of mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

Then prepare your sari for your film debut in the mountains!

The Exotic

It’s hard to believe that with our skin tone we’d be able to mix and match various colors on our eyes. But behold it’s time! We wear such bright saris, jewelry, and bangles we should be the first ones to wear color on our eyes.

It’s time ladies…

Pick three colors, one being black or brown for your mascara unless you’d be so bold as to venture out on that front as well. Start by putting on your colored eyeliner by tracing your top and bottom eye line (don’t forget to avoid your inner eye). Then put on your eyeshadow as usual. I suggest wearing a transparent white in the corner and top highlight of your eye then a gold base all over the lid. Finish off by putting your daring color (in this case aqua) on the outsides of your eyes and blend in wards.

Next put on eyeliner again to recover whatever was covered up by your stunning eyeshadow. I would stick with keeping it remotely thin because the color itself will make a statement, no need to look like a 14 year old girl. Then use a mascara color of your choice and carefully put on two layers of mascara on your top and bottom lashes. Make sure that with this look you maintain each color distinctively and that they don’t blend but work together.

Good luck and let me know if you have any other eyeliner tips to share below!