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Desis and Domestic Violence


As South Asian Americans, many of us think of domestic violence as an old world issue. Read More »

14 Everyday Beauty Essentials For Your Everyday Needs


So, you leave your house, you get in your car to drive to work or school, jamming to your favorite song, and when you go to pick up your daily coffee, your nail breaks! I don't know how your nail could break when picking up a cup of Joe, but it just did. For un-explainable beauty emergencies such as this one, I've compiled a survival list with all the products you need to get through your day, while staying smart, hip and beautiful. Read More »

Narendra Modi’s Speech Speaks Volume at the Global Citizens Festival at Central Park

Narendra Modi

The highlight of the evening (at least for every Indian-American) was actor Hugh Jackson introducing Narendra Modi to the stage, among thousands of youth, where the Prime Minister confidently invoked a feeling of "can do" that resonated with the concert's mission. After listening to the roar of claps and cheering during Modi's speech, it's no doubt, he makes headway in the US as a true world leader. Read More »

Farhan Akhtar’s Mission To Empower Women in India #ReachForTheSky

Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar and MARD teamed up with Google’s "Helping Women Get Online" campaign to create an inspirational song to spread awareness. With musicians Salim and Sulaiman, Akhtar wrote and sang the lyrics to “Chulein Asaman,” the Hindi phrase for reach for the sky. The song is about women stepping away from the norm, breaking barriers and living up to their potential. Images and clips of Indian women who have broken these barriers are seen in the video to remind all women that they too, can reach for the sky. Read More »

Marrying the Punjabi, Sikh, Jatt Criteria

Punjabi Sikh Jatt

For desi Americans, our community’s values can play a big role in how we form romantic relationships. Read More »

Ayesha Patel’s ‘Priya in Heels’ Book Review and Giveaway

priya in heels

“Priya in Heels,” by Ayesha Patel, is perfect for a teenage audience, or a quick read on a low-key Friday night spent at home. The plot is similar to many Bollywood classics, but with an American twist. Throughout high school, college, and medical school, Priya has managed to devote all of her attention to academic pursuits, but now she finds herself strangely drawn to her neighbor, Tyler. Sounds like the life you lived as a South Asian American? Well, then read on, enter the giveaway above and purchase an e-copy! Read More »

Indian-American Comedian Aparna Nancherla Tells all With Some Jokes and Laughter

aparna nancherla

Aparna Nancherla is an Indian-American stand-up comedian, living in New York City. She is best known for her appearances on Conan and FXX's "Totally Biased." Nancherla's whimiscally genuine performance style is refreshingly hilarious and will surely have even the most serious audience members chuckling from the start. Now, you are probably wondering about how the unassuming Nancherla started out in comedy and made it to where she is today. Read More »

3 Things Brown Moms Were Totally Right About


by Duriba Khan – Follow @BeingDuriba     It’s hard. It really is hard to accept the fact that your mom was right. One of the hardest things in life for me is to admit that I’m wrong. ... Read More »

Vancouver Fashion Week Wraps up it’s 13th Year

Vancouver fashion week

Vancouver Fashion Week recently kicked off their 13th year on September 15, and concludes on September 21. This year’s show is the largest yet, featuring 70 designers representing more than 25 countries. Read More »

Success, Happiness and Anxiety: My Story


One of the things I want to do before passing away is give a TED Talk on success. I want others to know that on paper a person could appear to be successful and have "the perfect life," but the roads you take to achieve these things are beget with obstacles. I want people to know how hard I had to work to become what I am, how I was riddled with doubts of my own intelligence. I want to convince others that intelligence is not black and white. Read More »

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