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#Whyloiter — Feminist Conversations and Discussions


I am writing this letter to you because I need a feminist friend to hear me out and help me look for answers. The social networking sites and my cell phone notifications are all full of my friends sharing and posting pictures of this certain movement that has taken over these days. A feminist movement called #WhyLoiter that urges women to loiter in public spaces and slams victim blaming. Read More »

Open Letter to Bobby Jindal: Why Do I Need To Be Just American And Not Indian-American?

bobby jindal

This letter was written as a response to Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal's recent comments about his notion of not believing in hyphenated identities. According to the Times of India, he said his parents came to the U.S. from India four decades ago to become Americans and not Indian-Americans. Read More »

The Evolving World of Pakistani Dramas Builds Stronger Relations With India

fawad khan

Growing up in a Pakistani household, our TV drama series had an incredible influence on us, WBCD – Western Born Confused Desi. To this day, I am mesmerized by the captivating performance of Marina Khan in “Tanhaiyaan,” a story of a young girl who lost her childhood following the tragic death of her parents, which led to her older sister stepping into the parental role and fighting to maintain their home and sanity. Read More »

Skincare 101: How to Exfoliate for Healthy and Glowing Skin


Learn how to exfoliate your skin with these tips and tricks from M.U.A. Jasmin Rahman Read More »

Birchbox’s Deepica Mutyala Shares 4 Must-Know Beauty Tips for South Asian Women

deepica mutyala

Deepica Mutyala has the kind of job most beauty aficionados all over the world lust after. As a senior manager in brand development at the popular New York-based beauty subscription company Birchbox, Mutyala works with the latest innovations in the beauty industry. Read More »

Gangs Of Wasseypur: A Dark, Bloody and Satisfying Two-Part Thrill Ride

gangs of wasseypur

For those who doubt the state of Indian cinema, turn your attention toward Anurag Kashyap's "Gangs of Wasseypur." While many Hindi movies are still cliched in their style, substance and structure, Kashyap has brought an incredible sense of realism to his films for more than a decade. Read More »

Nina Davuluri Reflects on Her Year as the First South Asian Miss America

nina davuluri

A little over a year has passed since Nina Davuluri became the first Indian-American to win the Miss America pageant. How has the 25-year-old’s life changed since she won the crown and gained international stardom? Davuluri said the past year has certainly kept her on her toes. Read More »

10 Signs That You’ve Found Mr. Right

mr right

So, you have been dating a guy for a while and you are not sure he is the one. If you believe in signs, then we have the perfect list for you to answer your burning question — is he the one? Read More »

The Charlie Hebdo Cartoons and the Problem of Censorship vs. Freedom of Speech

charlie hebdo

The French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo is once again back in the eye of the storm since its republishing of cartoons depicting obscene, offensive images of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed. The publication, in existence since 1970, has a history of printing insulting cartoons of the prophet, once in 2006 and again in 2012. Every single time, this has led to mass protests and rioting by Muslims in France and worldwide. As a direct result, the magazine has become a commercial success and oversold copies of its magazine to a number far greater than its existing circulation. Read More »

BG Beauty Basics: Highlight & Contour 101 and an Eyebrow Tutorial (Video)

beauty basics

Check out BG Sapna's Beauty Basics videos. We start with a Highlight & Contour 101 and an eyebrow tutorial. Both are must-haves for every brown beauty! Read More »

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