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I Love You, But We Cannot Be

Closeup portrait of a beautiful young indian woman

I love you, but we cannot be. I love the way your blue eyes twinkle with emotion, and the freckles of your nose dance as you wrinkle it in delight at the sight of me. Read More »

“Foreign Puzzle” Gives Hope To Breast Cancer Victims Through Art

Foreign Puzzle

I became a filmmaker by accident. In 2004, when I was working as a full time physical therapist in Washington D.C., I met a documentary filmmaker from India and was moved by her work and decided to fund her next project. Read More »

Hear Candice Newnes ‘ROARRR’ in this ‘Lion King’ Inspired Bollywood Musicial

Candice Newnes

Candice Newnes is the main female character in the Solskrit musical “ROARRR: A King Lost in Time.” She plays the character Mayika, which is based on Nala from the “Lion King.” Newnes is a talented actor and dancer, and her passion for the performing arts began when she was just a child. Read More »

Top Five Brown Girl Fashion Bloggers

south asian fashion bloggers

Fashion blogging has evolved into a highly competitive area since the introduction of Instagram and Pinterest. Bloggers from all over the world are taking their passion for style and creative minds to the next level by posting daily content, inspiration, looks for less and more. Read More »

You Can Be Indian and Not Hindu: An Agnostic Indian’s Thoughts

JAIPUR, INDIA - MARCH 29: people and elephants of the city are c

I read an otherwise well-written piece arguing Urban outfitters indulged in cultural appropriation when they chose to sell products featuring Lord Ganesh. While I agree that their actions were insensitive to Hinduism, as a religion, I had qualms with Saumya’s assertion this was cultural appropriation. Read More »

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Actress Tiya Sircar

Tiya Sircar

Tiya Sircar, 32, is an American actress of Indian decent who is primarily known for her roles in "The Internship," " Vampire Diaries" and "17 Again." Get to know this budding star better with these seven need-to-know facts! Read More »

30 Reasons You Know You Are a Feminist

beautiful young indian medical researcher analyzing liquid in a

We need more men to identify as feminists, and truly mean it. Challenging rape culture, patriarchy, and inequality isn’t going to happen until we have allies, partners, and supporters who challenge their own privilege and subvert masculinity. Also, because… Read More »

Outburst! Gives Young Muslim Women Opportunities Free of Cost


Young Muslim women in the greater Toronto area have great opportunities to excel at various skills, thanks to the Outburst! Young Muslim Women’s Project. Outburst! offers many art programs, such as poetry and photography, for no cost at all. This gives young women the opportunity to develop skills in fields of their interest. Read More »

Tanuja Desai Hidier Releases ‘Born Confused’ Sequel Novel & Album

Born Confused

During the "Bombay Blues" (book) & "Bombay Spleen" (album) Release Party, hosted by DJ Rekha and Scholastic, Tanuja Desai Hider will do a ‘rock-n-reading’—a reading from her novel "Bombay Blues" and short acoustic set from her accompanying album, "Bombay Spleen" (with Atom Fellows)—followed by a book/album signing. Read More »

Morally Conservative Grandma Meets Stiletto Shoes

Me and Grandma

What happens when you mix your conservative South Asian grandmother and high heel shoes? BG Sheena's third installment of the pageant diaries takes us into charted and uncharted territory, by introducing her grandmother into the fashion of pageantry. Read More »

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