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Gaza and the Power of Social Media

Gaza protest

I find myself very much immersed in my Facebook news feed lately. Not because of the everyday superficial things we so worry about, but because of the rawness of news delivery which I’ve come to realize is very much absent in mainstream media. The informative side of social media Read More »

JusReign’s Reign on YouTube


Since Jasmeet Singh, 24, aka JusReign, landed on the YouTube scene five years ago, South Asians everywhere have watched and loved the quirky comedian’s videos depicting life with desi parents and parodies of popular concepts. The comedian, actor and entertainer sits down with BG to discuss his latest projects and life in the fast lane. Read More »

Dear FIBA, #LetSikhsPlay Basketball


About two weeks ago, two leading Sikh-Indian players were asked to remove their turbans minutes before the Japan vs. India Asia Cup game. According to regulations put in place by FIBA Asia Cup, turbans pose a threat to the other players. Read More »

Network Efficiently with LOTUS

lotus 1

Many of us undermine the benefits of networking, or many of us go into a networking event with the goal to collect as many business cards as possible, but there is so much more we can gain from this tool. Networking the right way can lead you to your next big gig, your significant other or an ever-lasting relationship, but don't take our word on it. Just listen to Sameer Desai, President of LOTUS, a young professional group that aims to connect and empower young professionals in Dallas, Texas, who then collectively serve and strengthen their community. Read More »

Urban Outfitters Angers the Hindu Community–AGAIN!

Urban Outfitters

Retail giant Urban Outfitters has done it yet again. The major store, which tends to attract teenagers and young adults, is known for its tendencies to create and market items that commodify and appropriate other cultures. The Hindu community has not been immune to their practices. Read More »

A Heartwarming Story of a Sister’s Love for her Brother

Forever Rakhi

Herman Chadha, my brother, is lovingly referred to as "Manu" at home, he is 13 years younger than me. He is also the only boy in the family, and the youngest of three sisters. He was born on New Year's Eve in 1993, Manu immediately became the Krishna in a family filled with girls. Read More »

My Dear Americans


My latest super-hero is Tejpreet played by the very talented Ansuya Nathan in our short film, "My Dear Americans." Tejpreet is a recent immigrant to the U.S. and is visibly uncomfortable in her new surroundings. On the other hand, her husband, Baldev, delightfully celebrates everything American. However, when the couple encounters racism on the patriotic 4th of July. Read More »

Win a Set of 3D Fiber Lash Mascara by Younique


Are you tired of applying multiple coats of mascara that causes your eyelashes to clump together? And we all know wearing fake eyelashes is an arduous task, not to mention taking them off is another struggle in itself. We have a simple solution for our BG beauty queens - it's the next big thing in makeup: 3D fiber lash mascara! Read More »

What Being Fierce is all About


In the second installment of the "Pagaentry Diaries," BG Sheena tells us just how she got so fierce. Confidence in modeling and pageantry is a definite must. Follow BG Sheena while she gives us the low-down on how she got brave enough to strut down the runway while keeping calm and cool. Read More »

10 Ways To Maximize Health Benefits from Fasting

a muslim prayer namaz

Recently, a study at the University of Southern California once again proved something that religions around the world have been promoting for centuries - fasting does the body good. As brown girls, we have been surrounded by religious fasting - be it Ramadan, Ekadashi and Gauri vrats, or Lent. While we indirectly may see health benefits, how many of us actually utilize religious fasting as a way to rev-up our health? Read More »

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