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American-Indian Folk Singer Zoya Releases New EP ‘Lasya’


Boston-based singer Zoya, 21, released her latest musical project “Lasya” — the Visual EP. The Indian-born, Southern California-raised songwriter said her writing experience goes much deeper than being fortunate to live the life she’s living. Read More »

Impress Your Loved Ones With This Perfect cup of Chai


Making chai is one of the simplest recipes out there. There are no set ways or measurements that lead to that warm, fresh feeling of chai, rather everyone has their own way of enjoying their perfect cup! Here is my version of the ultimate chai recipe, which not only pleases my soul, but leaves my guests wanting more. Read More »

If you say #BlackLivesMatter, but you Really Mean ‘Black boys matter,’ it Doesn’t Mean Much

black lives matter

Why is it that when I hear some music celebrities use the phrase #BlackLivesMatter, they only refer to Black men? Usher and Diddy recently lent their support and spoke out on the matter respectively, but in a way that centered on Black men and boys. I want to be with them in their sentiments and I am, but it still frustrates me how whole hosts of people are so quickly forgotten in times like this. Read More »

How Veena Malik Became Pakistan’s Most Hated Woman

Veena Malik

Pakistani actress Veena Malik has been slapped with a blasphemy charge of 26 years for acting in a mock wedding on Geo TV while religious music played in the background. Her husband Asad Bashir Khan along with the chief of Geo TV and the host of the show have also been charged with the same offense. Read More »

From the Popular Podcast ‘Serial,’ the Catalyst Rabia Chaudry Opens up Before Tomorrow’s Finale


The podcast "Serial" has been given the noteworthy title of being "the most downloaded podcast in history," with more than five million downloads on iTunes and counting. It goes without saying, the BG staff has not been immune to the "Serial" fever either. With the release of the final episode tomorrow, I jumped at the opportunity to speak to Rabia Chaudry, who plays an integral part in all of this, because without her initial email to host and executive producer, Sarah Koenig, "Serial" would have never materialized and generated the widespread fixation that it has. Read More »

Giveaway: Win TWO Exclusive Brown Girl Holiday Baskets

BG Holiday Giveaway

It's the holiday season and we wanted to give back to our Brown Girl community for all the wonderful support, inspiration and good vibes they send our way all year long. We have worked hard to put together these two baskets full of goodies for our most dedicated readers! Read More »

Professional Make-up Artist Jasmin Rahman Shares her Tips and Tricks for a Flawless Face

faceplay by jasmin

Jasmin Rahman stumbled upon her future career of professional make up artist during a job interview at Macy's. She was just looking for a job to cover her expenses, like any other college-aged girl. During the interview she was asked about her interests and what her likes are, "I mentioned makeup and before I knew it was working in the cosmetics department," Rahman said. Read More »

Knotty Gal Supports Female Education in Bangladesh Through Fashionable Jewelry

knotty gal

s a kid, I never thought I’d be a founder of a company that sounds like a website you’d get red-flagged for visiting at work. I definitely didn’t think I’d be running that company with - of all people - my own mother. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Find The Love of Your Life (For South Asian American Women)’


My editor asked if I would review “Find the Love of your Life (For South Asian American Women)” and I wondered, as a single South Asian American woman myself, what else is there to learn about finding love. Only after reading the book did I realize that as a South Asian American woman from a fairly traditional Indian family, my views on love and marriage are heavily influenced by my upbringing. Read More »

Uber Delhi Rape Case Goes Far Beyond the Ban on the Start-up; Stems from Government Negligence

uber rape case

It has become clear that India’s association with corruption, among police and policy efforts, is not simply a rendezvous, a dangerous slip at best. The country’s repeated instances of gender-based violence are strong examples of this continued and deliberate corruption. I am sure many of you have heard about India’s latest case, termed by popular news channels as the “Uber Delhi rape.” Read More »

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