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A Diwali Story Infused with Technology and Memories of Home in Bangalore


It isn’t easy living abroad during the most family-oriented time of the year. My only comfort is the endless stream of old Diwali advertisements – the student surprising her folks with a visit from the hostel, the husband gifting his wife the beautiful necklace she had been eying, the happy families prancing around holding fireworks dangerously close to their clothes and laughing for no reason. I would watch and lick Dairy Milk off my fingers, a less attractive version of the woman in the ads. Read More »

Why Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai Encouraged me to Take the Next Big Step in Life


I will be the first one to admit, I take my education for granted sometimes. I can’t count the number of times I have sat in school, annoyed; wondering when I can break free and do something fun. But the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate in history, Malala Yousafzai, also the recipient of the World's Children's Prize as of Tuesday, helped me re-discover my love for education. In 2012, Yousafzai, 17, was shot in the head by the Taliban near her home in Pakistan because her outspoken advocacy of girl' right to education. Read More »

The Story of Why One Woman Decided to Stay in an Abusive Relationship

domestic violence awareness month

As October marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month, here a fictious story about a woman's struggle to stay or leave an abusive relationship. "As tears and fear overcome Hope, she frees herself from Harry’s grasp and rushes across the kitchen to finish the dishes. She hopes her children are far away in their bedrooms. As soon as she puts the kids to bed and hears Harry retreat into their bedroom, Hope locks herself in the guest bedroom for the night." Read More »

Shehn Datta Discusses the Importance of Voting and Ballot Measures


Shehn Datta serves as the political coordinator at the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center. She takes some time out of her busy schedule to discuss with BG Rishika the importance behind voting within the South Asian community. Dutta said in her household, her father pushed them to talk about politics, but in many families discussing politics is considered improper. Talking about politics makes a huge difference whether it has to do with specific issues or candidates. Read More »

Indian-American Actress Qurrat Ann Kadwani Stars in One-Woman Off-Broadway Show ‘They Call me Q’

they call me q

Written and performed by Qurrat Ann Kadwani, “They Call Me Q” is the true epitome of a one-woman show! In June, Kadwani made headlines in the theater world when she became the first South Asian woman to ever have a solo Off-Broadway show. The play tells a story of a young girl growing up in Bronx, New York, with traditional Indian parents, eager to fit in with her culturally diverse peers. Read More »

From the Campaign ‘Dark is Beautiful': Model Natasha Sharma Sheds Color Bias for Dark-Skinned Women


For a long time, I was under the impression that a “fair and lovely” complexion was only desired by South Asians. My research and life experiences have opened my eyes to the fact that many communities around the world are impacted by this issue. This is the very reason I was so thrilled when I came across the Dark is Beautiful Facebook page last year. It is extremely refreshing to see a campaign which celebrates the beauty of all skin tones. Read More »

An Open Letter Regarding Commercialization vs. Celebration of Diwali


Today is Diwali and for the most part it has remained unscathed from commercialization here in the USA (though I understand from cousins back home in India that that’s not the case there). Should we be happy that our culture isn’t mainstream enough to be subjected to all the trappings of hoopla surrounding other holidays? Read More »

Patti Tripathi’s Story Behind ‘Saris To Suits’

patti tripathi

I was born near the Nepalese border in India, delivered by a midwife at my maternal grandmother's village home and carefully named Pratibha, which in Hindi means "Talent." My father, who began his education in a roofless school, became a Commonwealth Senior Academic Staff Fellow and was invited to the UK as a visiting professor. Two years later, with three suitcases and three children my young parents came to the U.S., settling in Indiana, when I was twelve and not well versed in the English language. Read More »

Finding Harmony in Being A Bicultural American-Indian

india america flags

“Where are you from?” That is one of the most common questions I get asked when meeting someone for the first time in college. Read More »

9 Things You Didn’t Know about Rahul Saharan’s Acid Attack Photo Shoot

Rahul Saharan acid attack survivor photo shoot

Rahul Saharan, a professional photographer based in New Delhi, India, broke global ground with a moving and inspiring photo shoot, featuring five young acid attack survivors, named Rupa, Laxmi, Ritu, Sonam and Chanchal. Here are nine facts from behind the scenes of this revolutionary photo shoot. Read More »

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