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Have You Met Ekata Doshi?


During Ekata Doshi’s episode on Shades of Shakti, she very openly and genuinely tells the story about her diagnosis of — chronic lymphocytic leukemia. But she didn't let her diagnosis stop her, rather, she found a way to help those who are also dealing with similar circumstances. Read More »

Shafeena Khan: Passion Ignites A Career


Meet Shafeena Khan, a professional psychotherapist by day and makeup artist by night. Her passion for makeup gives her the power to use color and brushes to bring out the inner and outer beauty of a girl. Read More »

Appreciating Women: Past, Present and Future


For Women's History Month in March, a few BG writers attended an uplifting event to discuss and garner the state of women at New Jersey City University. Saraswati Cultural Association of New Jersey, a nonprofit founded by Anita Chadha , in collaboration with New Jersey City University’s Professional Studies Department, sponsored the event - Appreciating Women: Past, Present and Future. Read More »

Shakila Ahmad: First Female President of Islamic Community in Cincinnati

shakila ahmad, islamic center of greater cincinnati

In many ways, Shakila Ahmad embodies the modern American working woman. She runs a medical practice with her husband specializing in allergy and asthma care. She supports her three children as they pursue careers and higher education. She also serves as a leader to the largest Muslim community in Ohio. Read More »

Rinku Bhattacharya: Chana Masala Chili

chana masala chili recipe

If you live in New York like me, you might be convinced that you are indeed in the land of endless winter. Honestly, some days I feel like I have been permanently transported into a snow globe. For the last three months we have been completely surrounded by snow, waking up and walking to work amidst a show of snowflakes has become the new normal. Even now, when the sun is beginning to peek out, the snow still has not melted away. It looks rather strange to see squirrels scampering around in the snow. Read More »

Spring Outfit Of The Day


It's officially spring and we know what that means - new fashion trends. One of the fashion trends you will see this season are mixed patterns. For this video, I took two prints that normally one wouldn't wear together. Read More »

Are We The Mean Girls?

labels on women, stereotyping

Last week, during my women in health lecture, my professor said we would be playing a game in class. We were asked to sit down and she went around to post labels on the back of our shirts, asking us not to look at what we were assigned. The activity then required us to walk around the classroom and treat the other classmates (all women) based on what their label read. Sounds like a high school exercise right? Read More »

Brown Girl of the Month: PJ Randhawa

PJ Randhawa, Brown girl of the month, punjabi, sikh, news anchor

"I learned the hard, unspoken truth about society from behind the lens of a camera: we are judged by our appearance, our speech, our opinions. Many reading this will have been judged by their skin color or race, just like I have. I wish I could say asking questions for a living, and searching for meaning in opinions and actions has given me a better understanding of people and the prejudices they hold onto. Read More »

Superwoman Visits Univ. of Houston


I went to see my alma mater's a-capella group perform (shout out to UT Hum A Capella!), and coincidentally my girl crush Lily Singh, aka Superwoman, was hosting the event. For those are not familiar with Superwoman, she is a Canadian-Indian YouTube sensation. More so, she is hands-down hilarious, witty and spontaneous! Read More »

India and the Cricket Fever

India Cricket Team

Over the years, Yankee Stadium has become one of my favorite places in New York. This has nothing to do with my affection for baseball, the B train, or the Bronx—rather, it is the energy of the game and its spectators that draws me there each spring and summer. The lights, the music, the fans, the crowd’s constant buzz that crescendos into a roar when the Yankees step up to bat…these create an invisible electricity that amplifies each dimension of the game and viewing experience. Read More »

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