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Sikh Hofstra Student Sues U.S. Army for Violation of his Religious Beliefs


With the support of the American Civil Liberties Union and United Sikhs, a Sikh college student filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Army because he is barred from his college’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program. He can not serve his country until he removes his turban, shaves his beard and cuts his hair. Read More »

Book Review: From ‘Born Confused’ to ‘Bombay Blues,’ Tanuja Desai Hidier Gives a Voice to the Multicultural Generation


A couple of weeks before the launch, my friends and I began reminiscing about Dimple Lala’s journey as she weaved her way through the Indian-American lifestyle as an aspiring photographer living in New Jersey. Considering that "Born Confused" was one of the many reasons I decided to start Brown Girl Magazine, I was thrilled to delve into the sequel and learn more about Dimple's life. Read More »

Hourglass Cosmetics Ushers in the Holidays with Their Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

Hourglass Cosmetics recently released their limited edition holiday palette, and this time they created a soft-focus cheek finishing powder called Ambient Lighting Blush. The pigmented blush set comes with three shades: Luminous Flush, Mood Exposure and Incandescent Electra, which are only available in this palette. Read More »

Vinny Anand: Econ Major To Real Estate Agent To Actor/Comedian

vinny anand

When I was a kid my mom said that any time a camera was around I would run around in front of it like a madman…who knew that would turn into a profession? Read More »

#emBODYindia Campaign Sparks Dialogue on Women’s Rights


The #emBODYindia campaign encourages everyone to declare how they feel about the treatment of women. Read More »

Being Indian-American: Straying Away from the ‘Big Four’

Rani Shah1

If you’re Indian-American and reading this right now then, there is a very good chance that you have either pursued, are pursuing, or have been encouraged by your parents/family to pursue the aforementioned career fields. Our culture has a deep value for these professions, not just because of their noble nature but largely due to their financial and social stability. I mean this makes sense, what parent doesn’t want a stable future for their children? Read More »

Sketchy Desi’s Brown Girl Face Marinade

Sketchy Desi

So on a recent Skype date with my mom and mausi, they peered into their camera scrutinizing the screen and asked, like only brown moms/aunties can, “What’s wrong with your face. Why you look so tired?” the other chiming in with “No look good. Face looking dull, draggy, saggy.” Read More »

Mary Ann’s Bicycle Journey Across North America: Part II


I reached out to Mary Ann midway through her trip as she was making her way across Montana to see how her trip was progressing. Mary Ann said this trip has become something that is changing her perspective beyond what she could have imagined. She is adjusting to biking across North America alone, while spending plenty of time by herself. After three months on the road, she said she does not know if she is “gaining” from her trip, but she knows she is changing. Read More »

8 Reasons South Asian Women Are Beautiful

Cultural Awareness

Sometimes our greatest insecurities lie within our greatest assets. While our White-American peers are risking skin cancer from skipping on the sun-block, some South Asian girls turn to harmful skin-lightening creams. No woman should feel the need to rely on a list to validate her sense of beauty. Regardless, hearing other perspectives can serve as a gentle reminder that there is beauty in everything. Below are qualities that survey respondents admired in South Asian women. Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Manish Dayal

manish dayal

Manish Dayal has graced the big and little screen in an array of roles, from flicks like "The Sorcerer’s Apprentice" and "Walkaway," to guest appearances on our favorite shows (especially crime shows), but it seems Dayal has officially made his grand entrance in Hollywood and has gained the recognition he deserves. Here is everything you need to know about Dayal, who Entertainment Weekly calls, “the next big thing!” Read More »

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